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Avoiding Urinary Tract Infections The Natural Way

Most of us must have at sometime or the other faced the depressing and embarrassing problem of having to visit the restroom very often, though the amount of urine passed out may be negligible with urination being not just painful but also with a burning sensation. This could have made most of us think that do we deserve to have such problems, but believe me most teens experience it with women experiencing this problem more than men.

Understanding urinary tract infection or UTI, it is to be noted that bacteria enters into kidney or bladder and combines with the urine containing salts and waste products and multiples causing infection. Infection could either be in the urethra or the short tube that carries urine outside the body from the bladder, or may be present in the bladder only or could be more serious and present in the kidney. With infection present in the kidney symptoms could show up as vomiting, high fever and backache.

However infection of the bladder alone is most common UTI. It causes just discomfort and inconvenience and can be easily, effectively and quickly treated with effective medical and home remedies. You would appreciate to know that prevention and effective treatment could avoid UTI in the kidney that is more serious.

Prevention is better than cure applies to urinary tract infections or UTI

You would surely agree that this applies not only to urinary tract infection but to most diseases as the consequences of neglecting preventive measures can be real bad. It is a well realized fact that girls/women suffer from UTI more than boys/men. This is due to the fact that women have a shorter urethra that makes bacteria more liable to affect them with traveling a short distance. It would help girls/women greatly to use a toilet paper to wipe from front to back after urinating or bowel movement. This helps to avoid the spread of bacteria from the rectum to the urethra.

You would surely appreciate the idea that keeping men and women that keep their genial areas dry and clean would be less liable to get urinary infection. Girls as well as women need to take care to maintain hygiene during menstrual cycles by changing the pads and tampons more frequently.
Avoiding bubble baths and instead taking showers and plain baths would prevent prolonged exposure of the delicate areas to moisture. Avoid wearing nylon and synthetic material underclothes and using cotton instead would be very comfortable. Avoiding infection of the urinary tract also requires avoiding feminine hygiene sprays or douches.

Cranberry juice has the power to fight infection, so drinking cranberry juice everyday helps not only prevent urinary infection, but also helps women that have a tendency for repeated UTI. This juice can also be taken by children and others as it is safe, though some have complained of upset stomach, diarrhea. In addition cranberry juice is contra indicated in those that take the warfin, a blood thinning medication.

UTI can be painful and produce a burning sensation. Drinking a lot of fluids especially water helps to flush out bacteria and prevent its spread to the vagina and urethra. However it is best to avoid drinks like coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks that contain citrus juices and caffeine, as these substances could irritate the bladder and worsen the existing situation. Removing the urge to urinate often with pain and burning sensation also requires emptying the bladder soon after sex, with drinking some water to flush off harmful bacteria. Using a heating pad to relieve pain in the abdomen area helps relieve pressure on the bladder that accompanies discomfort. That’s why its always better to prevent UTI before you get it than have to cure it with stronger methods later.

Tonsillitis Symptoms in Babies

Occurrence of Tonsillitis in Babies

Tonsillitis occurs more often in babies and only at rare cases in adults. Tonsillitis in babies should be noted in earlier stages itself and proper treatments should be taken. It is difficult for the Doctor to make the babies to open their mouth and examine for the occurrence of tonsillitis. Hence the Doctor will predict tonsillitis based on the symptoms found in the babies. The presence of simply sore throat may also indicate occurrence of tonsillitis. Also, the infants will no be able to communicate about their feels and hurts, so the Doctor and parents must keenly note their changes in behavior.

The infection at the tonsils causes problems while swallowing, breathing and sleeping. The cheese like formations and foul smelling ensure the presence of tonsillitis which will make it to be swollen and sore further.

Tonsillitis Symptoms in Babies

The tonsillitis symptoms in babies will vary depending on the infection agents like bacteria and virus. Normal symptoms will be running nose and aches in the body when infected by a virus like flu virus. On the other hand, if the baby is affected from bacterial tonsillitis, then skin rashes and flushed faces can be seen. The general symptoms that are found at both cases are as follows.

1.Enlarged tonsils. Rawness and redness in tonsils.

2.Swollen throat and this swelling can cause changes in the voice.

3.Tonsils will have yellowish or ray white patches or coating on them.

4.A lump like feeling in the throat will be felt by the baby.

5.Swallowing will be uncomfortable and painful. Hence the child will refuse to eat and cry.

6.Headache, earache and fever will occur in the child.

7.Fussiness and tiredness will make the child to be inactive.

8.Swollen and tender areas can be found at the sides of the childs neck.

9.Stomach upset, abdominal (belly) pain and vomiting or throwing up would occur.

10.Badness in the breath can be felt from the child.

11.While sleeping, the baby will snore more and also will breathe using mouth.

12.Drooling will happen at certain times.

13.Persistent sore throat will be there and the baby will cry for unknown reasons.

14.Coughing will be more and the baby will be tired always.

15.Vomiting and constipation might be there in certain cases.

16.A furry tongue can be noticed in the child sometimes.

17.Difficulty of opening the mouth can happen.

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