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What is silent acid reflux?

Some may not realize their having acid reflux problem due to the absence of heartburn. Silent acid reflux shows up as trouble and hoarseness in talking particularly in the morning, difficulty in swallowing or having excess mucus in the throat. There could be a tendency to clear ones throat and cough often. Since the treatment lies in preventing excess stomach acid, antacids and other medication are prescribed.

Understanding silent acid reflux, it is found that sometimes the lower set of sphincter muscles that normally allow food and drink to pass into the stomach and prevent stomach acid from backing up into the esophagus fails and send back acid into the lower esophagus. Since the lower esophagus is less sensitive to the stomach acid than is the upper esophagus, there are other symptoms except heartburn.

Untreated and neglected silent acid reflux could damage the voice box, vocal cords and the esophagus. Prompt professional advice followed by effective lifestyle and dietary changes could help avoid surgery, that is the ultimate solution.

Parenting Children With Aspergers Effectively

Aspergers Syndrome requires careful understanding by parents

Parents may be quite concerned about Aspergers syndrome in their children that show up as problems in socializing, language skills, and delays in cognitive development but may at times find it very difficult to figure out if their children have this syndrome. However it is very imperative to know, understand fully and tackle the various symptoms found in their children for this syndrome could be mistaken for other disorders and behavior in children.

It is quite possible that you as a parent may just wish to suppose that your children are disobedient, defiant, disrespectful and rude, with parenting making you
uneasy. However specialists contend it is wrong to generalize children as disobedient or rude because children may be explosive due to various reasons and Aspergers
could also be a predominant cause. Next it would be best to understand the reason for this behavior in children before you as a parent can make decisions about how to
parent such children and handle their adverse behavioral patterns. The effective parenting of children with Aspergers involves being adaptable in the method that is
being used.

Methods of parenting children with Aspergers effectively

Parenting children with Aspergers involves consistent parenting, with your being the boss and rule maker, meaning not being a terror, but having the power to influence your childs behavior and situation in hand. This involves your trying to figure out solutions for the problems in hand, and using strategies and techniques that really work. This would surely help you to not only be effective and efficient but also to avoid further harm.

It is imperative to know that it is good supervision and involvement in the Aspergers childs activities and spending quality and quantity time with the child that
makes for an effective approach. Parenting Aspergers children could involve teaching them new skills that could involve giving those specific instructions and
directions on behavioral patterns and practicing them till they are best learned. Starting off small and when you have sufficient time to calmly help bring about
effective changes helps, for being calm and persistent is what has helped many parents to create calmness in their afflicted children and give directions that are
effectively followed.

Start small and go to teaching skills that are bigger skills keeping the age of the child in mind. Helping these children learn new behavioral patterns that would help replace old undesirable patterns with a little bit of flexibility would help teach these skills without any problems.

Parenting children with Aspergers effectively would be best accomplished in also including methods and strategies to change the thinking patterns of your child. This
would be best accomplished with introducing a new idea, and you as a parent need to make sure that the idea is well understood and accepted by the Aspergers child.

This involves making sure that the child has fully grasped a new way of thinking before proceeding to the next step of reinforcing it further and introducing new ideas and thinking. It is true to say that the child has to first hear what you say, understand it, see that it is good for him and then finally believe that that behavior would help. It is only then that the child would accept the new line of thought.

As an adult you would definitely realize that for effective changes to take place on the mental and emotional level the line of thinking has to be proved to be far
more superior than what already exists in ones mind, for effective substitution of thought is only then possible. Truly this requires great persistence on your part
as a parent to stick to your ideas and ways of thinking. This requires not allowing thoughts that are not relevant to enter into the parenting aspect with finally
providing relevant reasons for the new thought processes.

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