Month July 2012

What is the difference between GERD and acid reflux?

Acid reflux, a normal part of digestion is caused with the splash of the stomach acids into the esophagus and is more a condition. While GERT is more serious and could be characterized with frequent show-up of acid reflux symptoms…. Continue Reading →

Parents Need To Know About Anger Management In Toddlers

Anger in toddlers Anger and its management could prove challenges for parents to manage. Knowing all about anger in children represents understanding that the emotional component of anger in children involves understanding that toddlers get emotional when they are refused… Continue Reading →

What is silent acid reflux?

Some may not realize their having acid reflux problem due to the absence of heartburn. Silent acid reflux shows up as trouble and hoarseness in talking particularly in the morning, difficulty in swallowing or having excess mucus in the throat…. Continue Reading →

Parenting Children With Aspergers Effectively

Aspergers Syndrome requires careful understanding by parents Parents may be quite concerned about Aspergers syndrome in their children that show up as problems in socializing, language skills, and delays in cognitive development but may at times find it very difficult… Continue Reading →

What is non acid reflux?

It is possible that some those with suspected gastro-esophageal reflux disease could also have symptoms related to continued reflux of non-acidic material. Non-acid reflux also plays a role for persistent esophageal symptoms. Acid reflux detected by pH monitoring that shows… Continue Reading →

Natural Treatment and Medications for Enlarged Tonsils

What is Enlarged Tonsils Tonsils are nothing but lymphatic tissues which prevent the body from the attack of bacterias and viruses. At some cases, due to the infection these tonsils will become enlarged and this condition is commonly referred as… Continue Reading →

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