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Pick A Homeopathic Treatment Remedy For Tonsillitis

Know about tonsillitis first

It is quite common to many to say that they have tonsils and so are not suffering from symptoms like sore throat, painful and difficult swallowing, coughing, muscle pains, headache, fever and chills, but it is best to understand that they are talking about tonsillitis that is the inflammation or infection of the tonsils. All of us have tonsils that is the lymph nodes that is placed at the top of the throat and the back of the mouth that is normally helpful in preventing infection with the filtering of bacteria and viruses, but they could swell up, become inflamed and red and may also have a coating of white patches or pus. There could be swelling of the eyes, face and neck also.

Tonsillitis that is very common, especially in children is removed surgically with tonsillectomy, with this procedure considered important with symptoms like obstructive sleep apnea, acute tonsillitis and /adenoiditis, snoring and nasal obstruction with adenoids also being done where necessary. It is significant however to note that picking a suitable homeopathic treatment remedy for tonsillitis has also helped especially in cases of acute and chronic tonsillitis and has helped many a children to avoid surgery.

Understand homeopathy to pick a homeopathic treatment remedy for tonsillitis

Homeopathy believes in treating the person as a whole, with medications selected after a thorough examination and case analysis that takes into consideration the patients medical history, mental and physical constitution. . Homeopathy believes that infections are a result of the weak immune system of a person and constitutional disturbances and removing the tonsils that forms a part of the defense system would only aggravate the problem. Instead treating tonsillitis in the steps would help treat not just the tonsils but the patient also; though this system of medicine is time consuming.

Starting to pick a homeopathic treatment remedy for tonsillitis would be best to use Belladonna in acute cases where the tonsils are not just red and swollen but there is great difficulty in even swallowing fluids. Belladonna is also indicated in cases where the neck is swollen and stiff externally and there are a lot of ulcers in the ride side of the throat, with this medicine found useful both in acute and chronic tonsillitis.

One more significant homeopathic treatment remedy for tonsillitis is Baryta Carbonica that proves useful in children that have a tendency for tonsillitis when exposed to extremes of damp or cold weather. Specifically indicated for formation of pus in tonsillitis in the right side with enlargement of the neck, jaws and ear this remedy proves very effective in preventing the return of acute tonsillitis with effecting constitutional changes in the patient. Being similar to Belladonna in being used for tonsillitis in the right, it is however not indicated in chronic enlargement of tonsils.

Homeopathic treatment remedies for tonsillitis could vary from patient to patient depending on various factors, so it is best to consult a homeopath before taking a medicine or remedy. One more of the prominent homeopathic treatment remedy for tonsillitis includes Calcarea phosphoric that is used in chronic enlargement of the tonsils when the tonsils are pale and flabby and there is difficulty of hearing and follicular inflammation. This remedy has proved useful even in the treatment of adenoid hypertrophy.

Lastly it is true that many other systems of medicine have started recommending homeopathy for saving patients from tonsillectomy. A common observed fact is that homeopathy has succeeded in many children, where hopes were lost, so it is time you picked a homeopathic treatment remedy for tonsillitis.

Holistic Treatment to Cure Candida Infection

What is Candida

Candida is one of the most common fungal infections. It is also known as yeast infection. Candida yeast has its presence in normal human beings as well. But due to some reason, if an imbalance in the presence of bacteria occurs, then the yeast organism will multiply and rule over the strong microorganisms leading to many problems in mucosal membranes like mouth, esophagus, intestinal tract, urinary bladder or genitalia, or also seen as a skin infection.

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Important symptoms of Candida

1.Unusual discharge, itching and burning sensation might occur as vaginal infections

2.In chronic infections of the mouth, white patches are observed

3.Gas formation and heaviness in the stomach


5.Sore throat

Candida Holistic Treatment

Though there are different methods among various branches of medicine like allopathy, herbal, and other alternative medicines, a natural and holistic approach is the best way to treat Candida. In holistic approach, a particular diet, antifungal treatment and replenishing the good bacteria are the main factors that are considered to treat Candida.

Food items that are rich in proteins, lean meats like fish and meat and also eggs should be taken. Vegetables that contain low carbohydrates like cauliflower, peas, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, any other leafy vegetables, are also suggested. With strict dietary control, candida can be controlled within two weeks.

Antifungal medicines also play an important role in treating Candida. In holistic approach, natural antifungals are prescribed. But initially, to minimize the problem, prescription drugs may also be used under the guidance of a doctor. As these drugs may show side effects on the liver, blood test for the patient after the usage of antifungal medicines is advised.

Most of the patients suffering from Candida are also diagnosed for nutritional imbalances. Such type of defects can be corrected that in turn help to overcome the problem of Candida.

Several other factors like anti-stress therapies to overcome the psychological aspects may also be done to assist the patient to overcome the psychosomatic problems.
As any chemical compositions are harmful and weaken the immune system of the body, usage of chemicals at home, in personal care products, dietary supplements, cleaning materials etc. should be avoided. Candida patients can increase levels of immunity in an environmental friendly atmosphere.

Holistic approach for Candida treatments do not have over the counter medicines. It is always a trial and error method and the practitioner has to completely understand the patients physical and mental conditions before suggesting any treatment.

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