Month March 2012

Know The Treatment Options For ADHD In Children

ADHD that has caused a lot of concern both in adults and children is best understood as a disorder that is characterized with hyperactivity, inattentiveness and impulsivity. This may seem quite the order of a childs behavior, but these symptoms… Continue Reading →

Does Asthma cause High Blood Pressure

While it is still a matter of much debate, there is evidence that suggests asthma may be a precursor to high blood pressure. If you are concerned about your blood pressure and have asthma, talk to your doctor about whether… Continue Reading →

Does Asthma cause Chest Pain

Is Asthma causing Chest Pain Yes. Asthma induces chest pain. While breathing in and out, the chest pain will be constant for some people and it will increase for some other patients. For few asthma patients, chest pain will be… Continue Reading →

Know The Natural Treatment For Dry Mouth

Why do you have a dry mouth This brings to mind what some people always pulled others legs for; loud mouths get dry mouths. However it is not necessarily loud mouths, but dry mouth or xerostomia affects over 32% of… Continue Reading →

Chronic Fungal Candida Infection

Chronic fungal candida infection is generally called Candidiasis, thrush or yeast infection. Its medical names are candidiasis, moniliasis and oidiomyasis. Kinds of Chronic Fungal Candida Infection Candidiasis is broadly divided into superficial diseases and life threatening diseases. Oral thrush, vaginitis,… Continue Reading →

Know The Causes Of Pressure On Bladder And Frequent Urination

It has always been disgusting and embarrassing to face problems when one needs like voiding all the time and visits the toilet to find that one can hardly pass any urine; equally frustrating and embarrassing are symptoms like frequent urination… Continue Reading →

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