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Know About Herbal Stop Smoking Remedies

Know about nicotine addiction

You would surely agree that every cigarette contains nicotine that is addictive and can cause serious problems by causing changes in the body. You would be shocked to know that each cigarette you smoke you would be inhaling more than 4,000 chemicals, out of which over 50 are carcinogens. Nicotine is known to stimulate different parts of the brain and produce a feeling of high in the central nervous system and cause an increase in the production of adrenaline. This in turn also causes an increase in the rate the heart beats, leads to increase in blood pressure and affects the level of certain hormones and leads to variations in the body temperature.  
However the feeling of immense pleasure is more an illusion that actually leads to destruction of health and a deteriorating your central nervous system. It is to be understood that smoking that is acquired more as a habit from peer pressure makes those who smoke to become not just nervous but also insecure, with smoking being more of an item that provides tranquility and emotional support at stressful and depressing times.

It has been found that getting hooked to smoking is more easily done than getting rid of the harmful this habit. Smoking is no doubt a very difficult addiction to give up, but it is also good to note that many have been able to give up this habit that does harm to the body. It is very common to find smokers experience withdrawal symptoms like lack of concentration, headaches, excessive appetite, anxiety, anger, frustration and not being able to resist the temptation to smoke.

The strong resolve that you can definitely give up smoking adds as the accelerator to take prompt action. You would find that following a program that is designed to not only help quit smoking, but also to take care of the nervous and detoxification systems works. Such an approach would help not only address unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, but would help also to repair the damage that is done by nicotine. It has been observed that the use of herbal remedies helps to quit smoking and is turning very popular in recent days. It has been noticed that there are certain natural herbs that have helped greatly to quit smoking, with them also helping to bring back good health and vitality. It is true that these herbs have proved very useful to sooth jangles nerves, to relax you and to also improve your failing circulation.

It is found that the first step to give up smoking lies in a multifaceted approach that means joining a support group, taking help of support services available on telephone and also giving importance to your nutritional needs. It is also true that herbal stop smoking remedies with using a combination of selected herbal ingredients would best support the nervous system and bring about sugar balance that is essential while quitting smoking.

Herbal stop smoking remedies
Lobelia, a herb that does the same work as nicotine and helps in elevation of dopamine levels in the brain, also acts as a nerve depressant and physical relaxant and has greatly helped many to reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Many smokers that have used this herbal stop smoking remedy have found that it leveled down moods and emotions and helped them to put aside the urge to smoke that many smokers found difficult to do during times of withdrawal. However there is a controversy regarding lobelia’s use as a herbal remedy, so the opinion of a medical practitioner proves very necessary.

Some believe it is toxic and can cause vomiting and nausea, also smokers that have health complaints like nervous conditions or a susceptibility to seizures heart conditions and high blood pressure, need to be prudent before using this herb. 
Hypericum, or St. Johns wort is another exceptional and powerful herb that acts as a tonic to the nervous system and covers a wide range of health benefits. It promotes the immune system, helps in bringing down anxiety and depression symptoms and also acts very favorably on the respiratory and digestive system. Proving to be as effective as Zyban in arresting depression, the flowers of St. Johns wort prove to be great mood enhancers as they contain hypericin, and hyperforin. 

However hypericum is to be taken only with consultation for those taking chemotherapy medications such as irinotecan, drugs used to treat HIV (indinavir and nevirapine), antihistamines, benzodiazepines and simvastatin, warfarin, and digoxin.
Valerian, another of the best herbs that is used as a sedative, not only brings about quality sleep, calmness and reduces morning sickness, but proves very beneficial when used along with St.John’s wort and lemon balm.

Taken in combination it has shown to reduce symptoms of fear and anxiety. But as most good things, this herb is to be taken with care and professional advice in certain cases. Valerian should not be taken with other central nervous system depressants. Next, oat straw has been found to be the best herbal nerve tonic while quitting smoking, with the avenine glycosides in oat straw helping to remove nervous weakness by acting as a mild stimulator to the central nervous system to increase the peripheral blood flow in the body. Oat straw can be taken as a fluid extract or as a tea helps in getting over smoking withdrawal symptoms. 

Wish you all the best in using these herbal stop smoking remedies for quitting smoking.



How Does Smoking Cause Depression

Depression and smoking

Depression has turned into a common malaise among people in the modern days, with depression in most cases being caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. There are various chemicals that regulate the sleep and mood patterns in any individual, with alterations contributing to depression symptoms. Depression is in most cases caused either by a particular incident or event or on something being introduced into the body. It is true that certain incidents like a death in a family, a frustration, stress, or even disappointments that may be difficult to overcome or digest.
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Depression as we know can be caused when certain substances are introduced into the body. These substances could be anything like drugs, alcohol, or even the nicotine found in cigarettes. These substances can prove to be very detrimental to the brain, with cigarette smoking or its cessation leading to these symptoms. So smokers that try to give up smoking, they could go through symptoms of depression. This is contrary to the general notion that is held by many people that smoking made people feel better and helped them to cope with the symptoms of depression.
It is true, as it has been shown by various prominent studies that smoking actually causes depression, with smokers having a risk of 6.6% for developing a lifetime frequency of major depression as compared to 2.9% in non-smokers. Another prominent survey revealed that about 70% of the habitual male smokers and about 80% of the habitual female smokers suffered from depression of a major kind, with about 30% displaying some depression symptoms. The risk of depression was 2 times higher for those that smoked on a regular basis than those that smoked occasionally.

It is again a revealing fact that some neuro-biologic evidences confirm that smoke from tobacco is one of the crucial factors for the cause of depression. It is further shocking to note that being subject to second hand smoking and third hand smoking also subjects one to the health hazards of smoking that includes depression besides other hazards like lung cancer and heart disease to sudden infant death syndrome, ear infections and asthma attacks. Studies have proved that being a passive or second hand smoker could also expose you to greater risk for depression, schizophrenia, mood swings and other psychiatric conditions. 

How does smoking cause depression

It is best to start understanding why smoking causes depression with first realizing that nicotine that gives the feeling of pleasure becomes just like a drug that the smoker craves for when he or she is under stress and depressed. Smoking does increase the alertness and mental ability in many cases, but the absence of nicotine could cause symptoms of craving for it and depression. So it is to be well understood that withdrawal or non-availability of nicotine at periodic intervals could lead to adverse physical symptom as well as mental and emotional symptoms like mood swings, depression and other psychiatric conditions in the long run.

It is again necessary to note that the effect of smoking though pleasurable has been shown to be very detrimental to health. It has been found that smoking affects all the parts of the body and is also the main cause of heart disorders and conditions, as well as high blood pressure and cancers of various types. Smoking could also cause a feeling of low because it causes bad odor to the clothes and also gives a horrible appearance to the teeth. It is again important to understand that nicotine acts as the receptor for acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that plays the impact of indirectly stimulating dopamine, another neurotransmitter that is responsible for the temporary feeling of reward and motivation.

However this effect is short-lived and soon the smoker starts craving for this pleasure and could turn uneasy, irritable and depressed until he or she gets nicotine again. Anxiety, depression and irritability become a regular routine for a smoker. 
It is next quite obvious that once a smoker, depression and want for stimulation become a daily routine.

You could well imagine the state of a smoker that wants to quit smoking and would surely agree that such symptoms could be really upsetting with some smokers going through major depression also. So it is not rare to find smokers experience signs of depression like being uneasy without nicotine, finding an excessive desire to consume it followed by extreme depressed moods, increase in appetite that may take quite some time to get over. It has been found to be true in many cases that nicotine craving could take even months to get over fully.

Smokers need not feel stressed because depression while quitting smoking can be effectively treated, as most medicines used to treat depression can help a smoker to get over the depression and find it easy to give up smoking for good. It is found that these drugs work best in those smokers that suffer from quit smoking depression only and not in those that do not experience depression. These smokers are those that took the smoking because of depressed feelings, as in every 4 out of 5 cases smokers that have depression fail in their attempt to give up smoking.
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