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Is Indigestion a Woman Heart Disease Symptom?

The signs of experiencing a stroke are chest tightness, pain below the breast bone, lightheadedness, nausea, sweat, and tingly pain down the left arm. Since it is women heart disease symptoms can differ from an individual, age, gender, as well as lifestyle.

On the medical front women heart disease symptoms are difficult to assess, other than testing through an ECG. In this you are made to walk on a treadmills and the doctor checks the monitor that you are wearing to see view the strained areas. In this way you can also find out the clogged arteries that come as a result of high cholesterol to check if the blood flow is difficult.

Researches have proven that women heart disease symptoms show up later than in men provided it is not a genetic cause where it might show up earlier than expected. Young women do not realize the risks that come with heart disease. This is because they are normally told that they would get heart disease only when they start getting older and they must only look into breast cancer while they are still young. However, the fact is that breast cancer does not top the list but heart disease does in women as well as in men.

The Important Factors to Keep in Mind

The other factors that are important to keep into account in women heart disease symptoms are obesity, lack of exercise, high blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol, as well as genetic reasons. For all the above-mentioned causes medications can be provided to reduce the probability of a heart attack or a stroke. You must ensure that you give importance to your entire body like you give to your heart muscles. If you do not exercise regularly, daily walks can help you pump the blood through your heart.

Certain tests have proven that with any women heart disease symptom, the younger people have not bothered to find out the cause and label their chest tightness as indigestion. You need not pay too much of attention or get worried if you have a women heart disease symptom. Go for annual checkups to increase your life span.

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