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Food Nutrition Facts for Healthy Life Style

The nutrition facts on the labels of food items help and make it easy for us to choose the right kind of foods to live a healthy life. Even fast foods have this nutrition label, which is especially very useful for those of you who eat outside on a daily basis so that you do not put on weight or end up having clogged arteries.

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FDA website, health magazines, and books explain about food nutrition facts and tell us how much of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrition are required for us each day. You also find certain different calculators where you can key in your age, height, weight, and the kind of activity you are into everyday, so you get a result pertaining your body and you can intake only that much nutrients and calories for a day.

The Way a Label Ought to be Used

The vitals of the food nutrition fact labels are the ingredients listed out in them. The first few ingredients in the food nutrition fact label educate us on the caloric value of that product. Most of you do not bother looking at the serving size of that product. Most of you especially in this country are used to eating around two or three servings just because it is served in hotels or at your home.

However, this is not good for your health and although you might think you are consuming very less amount of calories this is not true. The caloric value of a particular soft drink might be around 100, and that might make you drink without thinking. However, this is not the case because when you go through the label properly, the container might actually contain around two and a half servings. So, you are consuming around 250 to 300 calories that appeared to be just 100 initially.

The other information offered in the food nutrition fact label is the quantity of fat, sodium, and cholesterol. All these nutrients must be very less in your daily diet. You must consume only five percent of these nutrients in your daily diet.

The other nutrients that can be consumed in the twenty percent or higher range are mentioned previously. Athletes for instance must concentrate on taking in proteins and fibrous foods because less protein in their body would affect their muscles and they will not have sufficient energy for their activities.

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How to Compensate Declining Cellular Metabolism in Your Old Age

How to Compensate Declining Cellular Metabolism in Your Old Age

Cellular Metabolism can be defined as the variety of changes the millions of cells in our body undergo every day to enable us to do our routine jobs. The main job of cellular metabolism is the conversion of the food we take daily into energy for the body by separating vitamins and minerals from fat and waste.

The Age Factor

Our cellular metabolism, slowing down with age, promotes weight gain and brings in any diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and clogged arteries and others. Only by eating right and exercise can we fight against the age factor and keep our cellular metabolism high.

The right type of exercise and diet plan suitable for your type of cellular metabolism can be planned according to the advice of your doctor based on the state of your health. He will inform you about what food items suit you best as well as the best exercises.

Slowing don of womens cellular metabolism starts about at the age of 30 while that of men at the age of 40. By that time you would have well formed the habits of eating, sleeping and exercising which you cannot change very easily. But you should try to change your habits to protect your shapely figure and food health.

A Healthy Life Style

In spite of your excuses for right types of food and exercise, you have to focus on your health, food and exercise as you are faced with a fatal disease. Instead of waiting drastic measures, try to establish eating right and exercising.

It is also better to educate and realize your body needs as early as possible. Every one of us has a unique body and cellular metabolism reacting differently. Health, primarily important, should not be allowed to decline prevention is better that cure so dont wait till the last minute to take up healthy ways of living. Practice them everyday and let your children know how to care for their bodies to keep healthy always.

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