Month September 2009

Treating Breast Cancer with Radiation – Is It Safe?

It is tremendously stressful and unfortunate to see your close relative diagnosed for breast cancer. The specialist will offer you many options for treatment and the best one that suits you.The best course of treatment depends upon the type of… Continue Reading →

Things To Do After You Discover An Enlarged Prostate

Do you suspect of suffering from an enlarged prostate? Well the symptoms of this health condition are irregularity in urine flow, always in an urge to urinate, leaking after urination, blood traces in the urine and other problems related to… Continue Reading →

American Society on Aging

In America they have formed a society called The American Society on Aging which consists of members who help to improve the quality of lives of seniors and their family members. These members of ASA are professionals who enhance the… Continue Reading →

Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer – A Controversy?

Discussions over the prevention of skin cancer focus on the use of tanning bed or booths that use ultra violet radiation to produce a cosmetic tan. These beds use specific fluorescent lamps to omit ultra violet rays similar to suns… Continue Reading →

Skin Cancer – Understanding Your Skin and Its Cells

Skin cancer is a malignant growth on the skin due to a number of different reasons. Generally the growth is on the outermost layer of the skin the epidermis.The bodys largest organ, our skin protects the body and all the… Continue Reading →

Aging Studies – Theories About Body Aging

Research show how our body goes through a number of changes as we grow old. Our muscles strength and elasticity decrease in old age. Our weak muscles can have grave effect on our lives. It may result in stressful daily… Continue Reading →

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