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How Your Immune System Helps To Combat Skin Cancer

Basically we have to improve our immune system in order to fight any disease. Besides using natural products additional treatments can be tried in cooperation with the doctor or the pharmacist. Some times even the wonderful natural products have bad reactions and negate the effects of traditional medicines. You have to stop some treatments until other treatments are finished.

A few suggestions are given here to build the bodys natural defense system to combat skin cancer.

Coenzyme Q10 helps to improve cellular oxygenation

Essential fatty acids help to protect cells. Garlic improves the defense system. There are capsules that are odorless and digestible.Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that kills free radicals. Selenium not only targets free radicals but protects from UV damage to skin.Vitamin B complex builds up our cells and makes them perform normally.

Vitamin C is an overall powerful agent against cancer and strengthens our immune system. Some natural herbs good for cell tissue repair are: Dandelion root, rose hips, burdock, alfalfa and marshmallow root.Astragalus, pleasant to taste, boosts the immune system and creates anti cancer cells.Cancer cells are inhibited by the use of the peel and seeds of the Chinese cucumber.

Essiac tea, found in many health food places is an old well known remedy and a combination of herbs with positive results in cancer treatment.Green teas have become more popular at present for their anti cancer substance in them. Tea tree oil cream improves healing when applied to sores.

Limited fat diet, foods with a concentration of antioxidants are good for cancer. They are
Fresh citrus fruits, carrots, squash spinach, cabbage, broccoli. To avoid needless toxins like pesticides fresh organic foods are the best.Cancerous tumors are inhibited in their growth by maitake or shiitake mushrooms which are excellently tasty. They are also good for the immune system.Grape seed extract has anti oxidants which present in the skin with too much UV radiation.Using poultices of some natural products like comfrey, wood sage, ragwort and paudarco is another novel method of treatment.

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Provides Support For The

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Provides Support For The Aged

In the year 2004, the state of Texas created The Texas Department of aging and Disability. This department offers immense prospect and services for the aged and the disabled. These services can be made use in communities throughout the state of Texas.

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability help the consumers, service providers, caregivers and others who help the senior citizens. They also help people with disabilities. The services are generated and enhanced and are very open to the people they serve. They see to it that the consumer rights of the aged are protected and their safety measures properly taken care of.


The seniors and the disabled who are under the wing of The Texas Department of Aging and Disability live in a productive manner, in a safe environment and also live by themselves with dignity even in old age. The department decides and distributes the services according to the requests they receive from people they serve. Their clients are provided the services and support in their homes itself by the department. They also provide the services which are available from the community.

The department has the competence to serve seniors and the disabled the way they wish to live. People who prefer independent lifestyle are provided with the required things. People who require institutional services are also provided necessary help.

Qualified individuals and service groups are given license and certificates who wish to serve the aged, by The Texas Department of Aging and Disability. They inspect the complaint made by the clients also review the funds and finances of the home where the seniors are. They also investigate the home assistance services, individual services and also the community services. Care is taken that the service groups follow the state and Federal standards.

Aging Texas Well

The Aging Texas Well program was started to help the citizens of Texas also to help them deal with different aspects of aging. The association also helps the communities in Texas deal with policies and laws regarding the seniors so that they can have an influence and also use it when necessary.

Children who need long term medical assistance are helped by The Texas Department of Aging and Disability. The department serves them in their community, in the homes, also at nursing centers. Thus the seniors or the disabled in Texas can avail the services and information from The Texas Department of Aging and Disability without any inhibition in their minds.

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