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The Aging Population in the Philippines A Bleak Future

The Aging Population in the Philippines A Bleak Future

Every country has experienced the trend of aging population at some or the other point in time in history. Now it is Philippines that is going through this transition. But Philippines is not an exception, Japan and Thailand also join hands with it for explosion in aging population.

According to statistics these two countries have gone ahead in numbers that Philippines, showing the other side that comes along with a growing aging population. Despite these warnings the people of Philippines with the growing aging population can anticipate the extent of the problem.

Baby Boom Is Also The Cause

An aging population has become a common trend in many countries and the reason is undeniable. In general, a boom in the births sixty years ago can result in aging population explosion. We can observe the baby boomer trend of the United States. The present aging population in US is due to the sudden increase in birth rates during World War II. Philippines can also be traced of having similar story.

Expected Consequences

Given an instance, the aging population of Philippines and of other countries does not look like a huge problem. On the other hand, the situation eventually will lead to many problems in the future. The most common problem worth noting is making health care available for the aged.

Despite the fact that older generation is more vulnerable to health related issues, in Philippines the aging population poses more problems and danger. Being an underdeveloped country, Philippines is at a higher risk regarding health and healthcare. The medical services accessible to the older people here is insufficient. The people have a long way to make health care services available for this section of population.

The employment rate is another problem faced in countries like Philippines due to the rise in aging population. When a huge sector of the population grows old, there is only a small segment of young people available to occupy the vacant jobs in these countries. The shortage of manpower can diminish the quality and the quantity of the goods and services provided to the country and its population.

Problem Prevention

The best way that can be adopted for a safe future of Philippines is to ensure better healthcare and other facilities to the aging population fo the country. Judiciously allotting manpower for the vacant jobs will help in completing the countrys job productive and proficiently. To avoid the above mention problems, Philippines have to take a few daring steps for the aging group to give every citizen a bright and a safe future.

How Iron Metabolism Helps to Iron Out Your Anemia

Iron, an essential part of al living beings, is a very significant element without which no human being can exist. The unique characteristic of iron is that it is an electron donor as well as a receiver. Iron exists in several different foods as both plants and animals use it.

Three to four grams of iron is to be found in the blood stream of an average person in a typical developed country. Hemoglobin, the carrier of oxygen all through the blood, has two and half grams of this iron. For cell processes, four hundred milligrams of the iron are utilized by cellular proteins, like oxygen storages. The liver, bone marrow and spleen also act as storage points of some of the iron. Because of the significance of iron, iron regulation and metabolism are very greatly important.

To much of a Good thing

Defective iron metabolism adds up too much iron in the body. Excessive iron being toxic, it is dangerous when there is a very great amount of iron in the body and not controlled by transferrin, iron in to oxidation takes place.

Excessive iron in the body is the result of too slow iron metabolism. In consequence of this, cells in the liver, the heart, and other organs suffer severe damage. The body can regulate iron in the diet and so iron intoxication is a rare occurrence. If this takes place, it is due to excessive use of iron tablets or supplements. Iron in to oxidation is found in diseases affected by iron metabolism.

If iron metabolism is very fast iron deficiency will result. There are other causes for iron deficiency besides fast iron metabolism. One of the causes may be the inadequacy of nutrients. Increased demand for, or loss of iron, can also be a factor. The body due to some problem may not absorb iron prolonged problems like anemia may result from fast iron metabolism and an iron deficiency. Anemia is characterized by weakness, fatigue, pallor and irritability. Anemia can be set right with iron supplements.

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