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How To Cope Up With Memory Loss and Aging

Scientific research claim that our brain ages just like the body. The brain starts shedding a few brain cells by the time we become 20. But we need not worry about aging and memory loss at this point of time. In many case aging complements memory loss and both are a continuous and slow process.

For many, memory loss and aging need to occur at the same point of time in life. We can see many aged people still active with a good memory even after the age of 60s and 70s. However there are also people who experience memory loss at a very young age like in their 20s. But it is a fact that memory loss is most commonly found in the older groups, but it cannot be denied that young also fall into the circle, which means that memory loss and aging need not complement each other in all cases of aging.

Some Common Reasons That Cause Memory Loss

There are many causes for memory loss. According to experts, depression and dementia are some of the diseases that can initiate memory loss in common man. In the case of old people the memory loss is tracked to a disease call Alzheimer that influences the brain activities.

Head injury and stroke are other common reasons for memory loss. A serious head injury can affect the internal brain causing shot-term or permanent loss of memory. Amnesia is the best example that can be taken for temporary memory loss due to severe head injury. In most cases, luckily, as the time passes victims suffering from amnesia after an accident recover from the lost memory stage.

Drug and alcohol addicts usually suffer from memory loss due to their bad practices. Drug abuse can lead to serious consequences also affecting the brain and its activities. Many reports on severe brain damage have been recorded and the reason is said to be the continuous use of banned drugs. Young people are more likely to have brain damage due to prolonged exposure to such forbidden drugs. In the same note, addiction to alcohol also leads to degeneration of the human brain at a very early stage. According to experts, moderate drinkers at a lower risk of suffering from memory loss compared to alcoholics in which the condition turns out to be more severe.

Do You Have Memory Loss Problems?

Aging and memory loss is a slow but steady process. It is not possible to remember all the names and faces of people we meet. It is natural. But seek immediate medical attention once you realize that you often forget things you have just performed a few minutes ago or you dont remember to accomplish regular activities! Better late than never because further delay can cause irreparable damages to your brain.

Here are the Facts that Help Boost Your Nutrition and

Here are the Facts that Help Boost Your Nutrition and Metabolism

It is persons weight that is affected by metabolism. Normal metabolism makes it easy to lose weight effectively compared to slow metabolism in others. But normal metabolism alone is not enough to shed extra eight or keep up normal weight. Regular exercise schedule and a healthy diet plan, is also essentially important.

Nutrition and metabolism are interconnected as the food you take increases or decreases, your metabolic rate. All the unnatural methods to increase your metabolism give only short term results. The best way to proceed is metabolism and nutrition planning.

Over the counter boosters of metabolism should be taken as supplement only. Mere shedding pounds, is not, in any way, losing weight. There should be slow and steady change in eating habits and life style. A combination of proper nutrition and metabolism takes care of this.

A low calorie diet, on the other hand slows down a persons metabolism whenever you fast, the body retains extra calories as fat necessary for future use. Loss of weight through starvation entails the loss of muscles again resulting in a reduced rate of weight loss.

Facts of Metabolism and Nutrition

First decide on the important foods and nutrients you include in your diet for boosting your metabolism and have a schedule for nutrition.

A few experts want you to take more proteins in your food as they take more time to digest and burn more calories during digestion. Calcium which boosts your resting metabolism, is the most important nutrient you should include in your diet.

The source of your nutrients is very significant regarding the relationship between nutrition and metabolism. Thus drinking fresh milk daily is better that taking calcium or protein supplements.

Fiber from vegetables, beans, fruits and whole grain bread is another nutrient hat boosts metabolism. The effect is the same as that of proteins on the body. Fiber helps burn more calories, lose weight effectively and increase the rate of fat loss.

Metabolism and nutrition have some negative effects from some foods. Alcohol and caffeine should not be taken as they decrease your metabolism. Better you take green tea to increase metabolism naturally.

Performance of metabolism is affected by the choice of right foods. Dont be duped by supplements easily. Always choose the right royal path of nature for a healthier and slimmer body.

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