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Do You Eligible for Alberta Health Care?

Alberta Health care, of the government of Canadian province, provides a comprehensive health care programme for the fitness and health of every one. Alberta Health care is available for all the sponsors and residents and their dependants. A list of regulations decide the eligibility for Alberta Health care provided by the administrators of the plan. People from other places or province moving in to Alberta have a waiting period.

A minimum charge is levied for availing the services of Alberta Health care but those who cannot afford that are helped by the government under certain conditions. While senor citizens need not pay any monthly charge, students are covered by the plan if they are permanent residents of the province. Those who finally return to their home should be covered by the plants of their home. Residents travelling out of Alberta will be covered by the plan only for a limited amount of time. People out of the province for more than six months should get a private insurance plan.

Comprehensive Care

Alberta Health care plan is based on the necessities established by the Canadian government. Prescription drugs are not covered unless these costs should be covered by Private insurance plants. Alberta Health care provides health care services for serious ailments through special facilities.

Occupational and respiratory therapies are provided by Alberta Health care at special centres located through out the province. Home care is provided for people in need of assistance because of medical circumstances. Alberta Health care is administered by ten regional head quarters through out the province. This health care system of the government of Alberta has worked effectively and efficiently for some time. Most of the users of the system are fully satisfied with the services. All complaints and questions are promptly treated by the administrators. The ideal is that no resided of Alberta should go without the needed health care provided by the government.

Can Low Carb Diet Really Helps You Lose Weight

A low carb diet, does it really work? Is it a right decision to go for the low carb diet? Though the possible answer is “yes”, it is not an unconditional “yes”.

Body Weight and Fluids Composition

People who are under a low carb diet programme will experience a sudden decline in their body weight, especially in the first two weeks of their diet programme. This is mainly because your body system will excrete more of water due to the heavy intake of high proteins present in the low carb diet and due to this loss of fluids you will see a heavy decline in your body weight. Many people experienced a reduction of up to 10 pounds of their weight in the first 2 weeks of the diet programme and this always serve as a “quick start” and the motivation will further help in your sticking to the schedule with high anticipation.

Know Your Calories in Relation to Carbs

Once you lose around 10 pounds of your body weight in the first 2 weeks, your weight loss will stabilize after that and you will start losing your body fat in a systematic manner from then onwards. The greatest advantage of trying a low carb diet programme is that you will not be depleted from your body protein and as a result you will burn more of your fat and not the muscles.

At the end of a sizeable period, say a month, you will notice sufficient reduction in your body weight and this also greatly depends upon the calorific values of the food that you ingest into your system. In order to lose your real weight you must keep a watchful eye on what you eat and specifically the calorific values of the foodstuffs. Note to eat low carb foodstuffs that are low in its calorific values for better management of your weight and body system.

Low Carb Diet and Its Associated Dangers

Please bear in your mind that any weight reduction programmes will have few of the associated risks too, but once you know them in detail, you will be better prepared to handle them and avoid any untoward effects on you. A low carb diet will make your body system to look for its energy needs from other sources namely your fats and proteins and this may result in accumulation of certain end products such as ketones in your body. And you may know that presence of ketones in your blood can cause bad breath and this is one of the unavoidable perils that a low carb diet could have.

A low carb diet can also cause other chemical reaction in your body and this will result in a condition called acidosis, which is a very harmful condition. Further, your weight reduction process through a very low carb diet can cause electrolytes imbalance in your body and this may result in irregular heart rhythms that may even lead to fatal heart attacks. Though this particular electrolyte imbalance is specifically seen in liquid protein diets, it is better you get to know about them whenever you give a try on any very low carb diet. Losing your body weight through a very low carb diet is a viable option, but it will be safer if you can watch on the calorie count too.

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