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How to Improve Quality of Life with Self Programming Hearing

How to Improve Quality of Life with Self Programming Hearing Aids

One among the newest type of hearing aids is the self programming hearing aids offering different benefits to the hearing impaired individuals.

The Working of Self Programming Hearing Aids

These are quite simple hearing aids that work in the same way as the others except that you are the programmer and programme it yourself instead of it being programmed for you before you get it.
Along with self programming you can change the level whenever needed unlike the others where you cannot do anything to alter.

The Benefits of Self Programming Hearing Aids

The greatest advantage of self programming hearing aid is that you can change the level of your hearing aid depending on the situation. For instance, if you are watching television and cannot hear properly, you can change the level of your hearing aid so that you can change the volume louder.
The benefit here is that you need not increase the volume of the TV which the others at home may dislike, but you have to simply click up the level on your hearing aid in a second, and you are immediately able to hear better.

The hearing aid can act conversely too. If the volume of sound is unbearable or to loud you can tone down the hearing aid so that the sound is endurable. In regular hearing aids, it is only the audiologist who can change the volume after you get an appointment with him and wait for the changes to be effected.

Since this consumes a lot of time and also money you pay the audiologist, it is better that you do it yourself easily and save money and time. This new technology is really fantastic, and you can speak to your audiologist next time, about these self programming hearing aids, whether you have any other type of hearing aids or not.

Aromatherapy Air Freshener Recipe

Whether it is advisable to use essential oils during pregnancy? The debate goes on among the therapists and the authors who have written on aromatherapy and pregnancy. Among the general public some people use it during pregnancy while other are afraid to use it. They are not sure whether aromatherapy and pregnancy can go along together. There are some who have not decided whether aromatherapy during pregnancy is good or bad.

The debate fumes

There is one reason for people fearing about using aromatherapy during pregnancy. There are evidences available that abortion is likely if essential oils are used during pregnancy. The essential oils might act like abortificacents which might induce the contractions of the uterus resulting in abortion. People who take alcohol should also abstain from using it. Thus the debate on aromatherapy and pregnancy goes on unresolved. There is no clear understanding on how it happens.

One of the safe and trusted methods to go for aromatherapy and pregnancy implementation is to get the guidance of an experienced aromatherapy practitioner. Only an experienced person might know how to use aromatherapy and to customize it to the need of the pregnant women.

They study the case of each individual before applying that therapy. The recommended blends and dosages vary with each case. Some of the essential oils like rose, jasmine and clary sage could be used during the time of delivery according to people who support aromatherapy and pregnancy.

From Morning sickness to stretch marks there are lots of changes that take place in a womens body during pregnancy. The natural medicines might help them in these issues. However the pregnant women should avoid herbs like thyme, wintergreen, clary sage, sage, basil, clove, and bay leaves.

Some of the recommended aromatherapy oils during pregnancy are lavender, geranium, rosewood, lemon, spearmint, and peppermint. Oils like rose, otton, roman chamomile can be used for skin problems. To treat fatigue you could use 3 drops of grapefruit or 2 drops of orange with lavender. You can use 3 drops of lavender and 2 drops of Juniper or Cypress for treating swollen legs and feet during pregnancy.

Use 3 drops of lavender or 3 drops of roman chamomile to ease muscle cramps or muscle aches. Aromatherapy during pregnancy might alleviate some of the problems that pregnant women face. However it is better to consult your physician before you start your aromatherapy during pregnancy.

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