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How Far Can You Repose Faith On Your Anti Aging Creams

The tremendous amount of ads on the television makes us wonder if all their claims of anti aging creams are real or merely hype. They promise you younger looks and a wrinkle free skin.

Women are the targeted audience though men also are potential customers as such products fro men’s grooming and skin care products are sold by well known brands like Zirh and Biotherm.
False Promises

The anti aging product a cosmetic cream, cannot execute all the promises it has made earlier. The significant reason for such claims and advertisements is the fear and vulnerability of women for looking old and worn out.

Besides giving such advertisement they are doing a disservice to science by claiming to be ‘scientifically proven solutions’ a characteristic stic of the placebo effect.

Most of these anti aging creams contain Retinal, in various concoctions providing users with a rejuvenated look. It stimulates the growth of new skin cells, reduces the dark spots. The aging clinics also use alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxy acids resulting in peeling especially when they are used as chemical peels.

The results depend on the concentration and how they are applied. So the end result is not always absolutely satisfactory.
Clinique is one of the better known makers of anti aging creams. Their line of products include every thing about skin care, solutions for wrinkles and also lines.

The first Clinique product for aging came out in 1992. This cream was called stop signs.Olay is another great name in the field of anti aging creams. Their product Olay Renegerist is considered as the best performing product according to tests performed by a consumer association.

The company’s famous slogans is “Love the skin you’re in”
Any brand of anti aging cream you use will bring you benefits helping you to look young and feel good for many years to come.

An anti aging cream regimen can prevent and repair the skin and keep it from aging. You should start treatment early and protect the skin from unwanted wrinkles and aging lines by early treatment at the earliest stage.

The Specialty In Amrita Aromatherapy

Amrita means the �nectar of immortality�. This is what is mentioned in the manufacturers website of aromatherapy products which can be found at It was founded by Dr. Christoph Streicher the goal of the company is to provide pure products made of essential oils.

According to the founder most of the products are not pure since some other ingredients are mixed in them. The products from Amrita are available in the wholesale aromatherapy stores, spas, and salons. You can also get those products from their online store at

The range of aromatherapy products available from amrita are from anise to vanilla CO2. More than 150 products are available with them. They provide ecologically friendly products and they also mention the cultivation method of each product. You can order samples of the products such as essential oils before you buy them. Apart from essential oils they also sell perfumes, diffusers, deodorants, massage oils, and insect sprays.

Price of the Aromatherapy Products from Amrita

Any high quality product comes with a good price tag. Surprisingly the pricing of the products from Amrita are reasonable. For example a 4 ounce bottle of deodorant costs only $7.95. You may get other commercial deodorants for a price less than about $1 or so. But keeping in mind the aroma product which is natural the price of $1 you pay more is worth it. A rose perfume from Amrita costs around $32 for a 5 ml bottle. The same costs around $65 for 1/3 ounce bottle at the House of Rose.

Reviews of Amrita Aromatherapy

The reviews of the products from the users of the products of Amrita are quite encouraging. They praise the products like deodorant, Deet free insect repellant etc. the diffuser is another product that get constant praise from the users and this one is termed as the Rolls Royce of diffusers.

The general public may not be aware of the products from Amrita since they target the clients who are into aromatherapy and environmental movements. Hence you may find a few reviews only in their website.

Many companies are coming in to cash in on the aromatherapy craze. Hence smaller companies that offer quality products instead of quantity may be forced out of the business. You have to look out for companies that sell quality products and check out the ingredients that are offered in the products. It is worth to spend a few dollars more for pure essential oil products from Amrita Aromatherapy.

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