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Suffering from a Nagging Back Pain? Try Curative Lower Back Stretching Exercise

In today s modern world, you are more prone to get back pain due to your sedentary lifestyle. Due to many pressing schedules and your computer related jobs, you do not find time to do some exercise that can make you fit and flexible and in the process you compromise on your health. But for your limited household chores, you spend most of your time sitting before your computer or watching TV and this can certainly tell upon your health in a long run.

Further your wrong sitting posture coupled with limited physical movement will have a direct bearing on your back muscles and you may end up in damaging them beyond repair. You also get tired mentally the moment you hear or even think of exercises, but there are few exercise forms that can be easily done with reliable and beneficial results. For instance, the back stretching exercises is one of the convenient and easiest forms of exercise that can help you to keep your back well supported.

The lower back stretching exercise is completely different from your other strenuous workouts and it is highly suitable for people like busy executives who do not have time for a separate extended session of exercises. Hence, in order to strike a balance between your need for an exercise program and your busy schedule, you can choose the highly beneficial lower back stretching exercise.

What you gain from Lower Back Stretching Exercises

Unlike the strenuous forms of workouts, the lower back stretching exercise is in fact the easiest one and what you need is just 5 minutes to get your back muscles toned and tuned favorably. However, you need not underestimate the efficacy based on the minimum requirement of time, as this lower back stretching exercise forms are very efficient and certainly can strengthen your back muscles and thus help in relieving you from your back pain.

As said earlier, only 5 minutes is all the time you may need to complete these simple stretching exercises. To start with you can first do the simple exercise as follows:

Stand up with your legs kept apart slightly; slowly raise both your hands and keep them parallel to the ground; now bend and reach for your right toes with your extended left hand; similarly reach for your left toes with your right hand after bringing up your left hand to its original position. There may be a chance that you may not be able to reach and touch your toes with your hands initially, but you need not bother to do that and should not strain further to reach your toes. Once you keep doing this, you can surely reach for your toes comfortably after some time and this is an indication that your body has started to be flexible.

The next type of lower back stretching exercise can be done by you just by turning your upper body portion to an extent of 90 degrees both left and right duly holding your both hands on your hips. Repeat each set of this lower back stretching exercise four times and you can release each hold after four counts.

What you have seen above is the two basic sets of lower back stretching exercise forms and if you can practice them for at least 2-5 minutes in a day, preferably more number of times as you wish, you yourself can watch the difference in your body and its flexibility levels. In order to do these two exercises, you need not lie down and you may not sweat and all that you need is only a mindset to give the lower back stretching exercise a try, be it in your home or office or even a park.

The greatest advantage of this kind of lower back stretching exercise is that there is no hard and fast rule for performing them and you can do it the way you like, be it any number of times or any place, but the key is that you should do it regularly so as to have tangible results.

Heres The Walkers Way Of Reversing Your Aging

Richard Walker M.D. a serious academic scientist advocates the use of anti aging research and had a major impact on anti aging study. An expert in human growth hormone replacement therapy, he believes in the effect of HDH slowing down and affecting the aging process.

According to him anti aging products and methods are possible if they stimulate the human growth hormone which can reverse some age related changes in the body.

Walker’s research has concluded that human life and its youth can be extended with certain procedures brought in to reap their benefits. Studies have revealed that the aging process is quickened on account of the slowing down of hormones in the body.

This slowing down of the functions of the body and the biological reaction must be properly understood and the total functioning of the body can be increased by replicating the actions with in a young and healthy body. Others we can achieve true anti aging qualities through further studies and research.

Possible effect of Anti Aging procedures in Future

Dr. Walker has studied anti aging and the aging process among other things. His theories along with the others have come to believe that the aging process can be stalled by the prolonged use of anti aging process and therapies. Effective anti aging procedures recommended by Walker and his colleagues could profoundly affect the population as a whole. Life spans could be extended and the quality of life enhanced.

The success of all the theories could lower the risks of illness, medical costs and waiting lists and insurance costs. A better quality of life will result in fewer restrictions on the elderly. You can appreciate energetic acts in later life and youthfulness could continue for long.

If anti aging research is continued as per Dr. Walker’s theories, it will have important implications in the long term on our health and life styles. If we can utilize the effects of a youthful body’s functions over a longer period of time we can expect a healthy future. Seeming like a dream at present, it is quite realistic and possible with further research and education.

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