Month February 2008

Scoloiosis and Kyphosis Deformities

Scoliosis Deformity. Curvature of the spine to the side is the most common of all back deformities. Often it has existed since childhood from unrecognized polio or other bone diseases such as tuberculosis, whereas later in life it may well… Continue Reading →

Understanding Women and Heart Disease in Relation to Men

Heart Disease Doesn t Discriminate Between Men and Women Heart disease never differentiates between men and women and gone are the days when heart disease was thought to be a male specific disease. With a drastic change in lifestyle, heart… Continue Reading →

Tuck an Anti Snoring Pillow Under Your Head to Stop Snoring

As the name goes, using of an anti snoring pillow can help you in stopping your snoring. Many persons have found it to be useful and so far the product has not earned any adverse remarks yet. The anti snoring… Continue Reading →

Understand the Real Relationship between Stress and Heart Disease

Scientists and medical professionals believed that stress and heart disease are inseparable and any stressful condition can manifest as heart disease in persons. But, there are no proper or concrete scientific findings to establish a direct relationship between stress and… Continue Reading →

Here are 4 Great Oriental Herbs that Boost Your Health

Many oriental herbs marketed to day claim to provide wonderful health benefits. Though most of these herbs have not been studied thoroughly and not approved by FDA for public use, yet herbalists assure improved health provided by certain oriental herbs… Continue Reading →

Know and Get your Basic Stretching Equipment Set for Best Results

There are many forms of stretching exercises, ranging from few simplest forms to many complicated and sophisticated ones. You can perform the simplest forms of stretching exercise without much difficulty and without any assistance of people or equipment and you… Continue Reading →

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