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Understanding the Role Women’s Health Associate in Improving Women’s Health

Of late, you will be coming across the usage of terminology “women’s health associate”, especially in rural areas. A women’s health associate is a woman who extends assistance to women in recognizing their health related disease symptoms and helps them to overcome the various discomforts related to their menstrual cycle and menopause. These women’s health associates call themselves so because they act as health advisors and help women in managing their gender specific discomforts.

How to Become a Women’s Health Associate?

The first pre-requisite is the urge for serving others, especially the under-privileged people more specific to rural areas. You should have the mindset of making a difference in other’s life and should empathize and be able to deliver things even in difficult situations and in absence of basic amenities. Most of the people living in rural areas do not have proper medical attention, and lack basic amenities such as three full meals, a glass of milk, etc.

Today and Now is the Time

World is full of people and many of them live in poverty. Amongst the people, the selfish will outnumber the good samaritans, but still there are people who voluntarily come forward to make some good in the life of other lesser-privileged mortals. In many rural areas, people especially women, are not given with proper care they deserve and they are also not educated enough to take care of themselves when it comes to hygiene and other medical related requirements.

Only in this area the job of any women’s health associate will come into picture and as a women’s health associate, your prime objective will be to help these under privileged women and make a quality change in their life. True to the saying “health is wealth”, you can help women in rural areas to know many of the health related complications and teach them the various ways and means of getting them protected from such diseases. You can also take up a survey and find out whether any unreported health concerns are there in the area and this study can be repeated once in 2 years so as to identify any of the new disease outbreaks.

When you look at the living conditions of women in rural areas, you can find it very far from satisfactory and you may even wonder how all these women were able to live in such an appalling condition. The bad sewerage conditions and the improper food storage also contribute to their many of the health related complications. As a women’s health associate you can make a change to bring in an awakening in these areas and teach them basic hygiene for improved health.

The very purpose of a women’s health associate will be to teach and make the rural women understand the basic health related hygiene. Further, the associate can also help women in getting balanced and nutritious diet, self-hygiene, sufficient energy through vitamins and minerals, and make them lead a healthy life without any harmful diseases. The job of any women’s health associate is done only when all the people in rural areas are able to understand the need for a healthy life and be able to lead a healthy life.

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Here s a Quick Ala Carte on Various Types of Hearing Aids

A lot of people do not know that there are different types of hearing aids and a few most common are regular hearing aids, television hearing aids and movie hearing aids.

The uses of the different Hearing Aids

The regular hearing aids are used mostly during the day by the majority of the people for their daily routine like walking around going out to appointments.

A person having a very bad hearing problem wears the regular hearing aid through out the day. The television hearing aids are exclusively used to watch and hear TV programmes as they are specially designed to increase the volume of the television set for hearing more clearly and easily.

This benefits not only the user but the guests, friends and family members as they need not suffer the volume of the television set being cranked up. People who have no hearing problem cannot enjoy too much of high TV volume.

Movie hearing aids, similar to the TV hearing aids, are a boon to watch movies instead of television.
The decision to select the type of hearing aid you require is entirely that of your audiologist. The sooner you are aware of your hearing loss the better that you consult him and along with him decide on the best hearing aid that suits you.

A stark neglect of your hearing problem and a failure to treat it will surely worsen it and may even lead the worst situation.

Hearing problem or loss should never put you to shame or make you feel bad us hearing loss to a certain extent is quite natural as people grow old and surely they will have a hearing aid of one type or other.

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