Month November 2007

Disease of the Anal Region – Abscess and Fistula

Abscess and Fistula. Anal abscess and fistula can be described together because of their relationship. One creates the other. Abscess about the rectum is simply a boil-like process at the outlet of the anus, and its drainage tract from the… Continue Reading →

Letting the Laser Surgery Fix your Snoring Problem

Snoring is a very common problem found in around 45 percent of men and around 25 percent of women. Few people snore occasionally and few others incessantly, but in either case snoring is sure to pose a great discomfort to… Continue Reading →

How to Get Your Health Improved with Colon Cleansing Herbs

Colon cleansing herbs are frequently misused and misemployed. They are used as quick and easy ways to shed weight. This weight lost is only water weight. So its use as a diet product is misdirected. But this does not mean… Continue Reading →

Get to Know few Indispensable Martial Arts Stretching Tips

In order to live a healthy life and to keep fit and stay in shape you have to necessarily practice some kind of exercises. Doing exercise is in fact a necessity similar to your eating and any improper forms of… Continue Reading →

Understand more about Various Causes Responsible for Hearing Impairment in your Child

It is terrifying and heart rending for a parent to discover that his child suffers from hearing impairment. As kids cannot speak it is the duty of parents to recognize external symptoms and know the child s hearing impairment. The… Continue Reading →

The Effect of Hysterectomy on Women’s Health

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure done on women who have developed cancer in their reproductive organs, or on women who have endometriosis or uterine fibroids. The terminology was derived from Greek words “Hyster” meaning womb and “Ectomy” meaning removal. Hysterectomy… Continue Reading →

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