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Disease of the Anal Region – Abscess and Fistula

Abscess and Fistula. Anal abscess and fistula can be described together because of their relationship. One creates the other. Abscess about the rectum is simply a boil-like process at the outlet of the anus, and its drainage tract from the inside of the rectum, out through the skin about the anal opening, is called a fistula.

An anal abscess produces an intense throbbing pain about the supersensitive anus region. This pain is not related to bowel movement, but becomes intense under any pressure, as in sitting. The abscess is caused by fecal material infecting the wall of the rectum and it looks much like a boil. It is reddened, swollen and hardened beside the anal opening, and may grow so large, the anus appears crowded off to one side.

Fig. 125. Fistula formation begins with infection perforating the rectal wall. This brings about abscess or boil formation, which in turn heads and ruptures through the outer skin at a distance from the anal opening. Instead of healing, the entire tract thus established continues to act like another anal outlet.

Relief from the intense pain of an anal abscess is eagerly sought because the sufferer is usually disabled for any other activity. There is temporary relief with sitting in warm water, but permanent relief is obtained only by drainage of the abscess. This is effected either by the abscess heading and draining itself, or through an incision and drainage operation.

Anal fistula, we have seen, results from an abscess about the anus. After drainage, the abscess collapses into a string-like channel. If fecal material continues to reinfect this small channel, there is continual formation of pus to drain out through the skin. Thus is a fistula born.

Fig. 126. An external fistula appears as a small pimple constantly draining in the anal region. It usually forms following an abscess which has drained. An anal fissure is an infected crack in the skin, similar to a crack in the mouth.

A fistula looks like a small red pimple in the skin close to the anus and usually does not produce much pain. Most of the soreness present is due to soreness from the continual irritating drainage on the surrounding skin. If the anal fistula heals over on the outside, the oncoming pus forms another abscess which soon penetrates the skin once more to restablish the fistula. While localized heat applications are of temporary value in reducing irritations, they can do very little in the way of permanent results. This disease must be surgically treated in a special manner to prevent its recurrence.

Letting the Laser Surgery Fix your Snoring Problem

Snoring is a very common problem found in around 45 percent of men and around 25 percent of women. Few people snore occasionally and few others incessantly, but in either case snoring is sure to pose a great discomfort to others.

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When it comes to treating snoring through laser surgery, it cannot be applied as a universal cure for all people. You may be aware that snoring is caused due to vibration of soft palate tissues present in throat area during breathing and the condition of this palate tissues are to be ascertained before resorting to any surgical intervention through laser.

Snoring caused due to vibration of the relaxed palate tissues is considered as common and it is an indication of obstructive sleep apnea, which means that the person is suffering from difficulty in breathing during sleep. Only a qualified doctor could diagnose the obstructive sleep apnea and the doctor is the right person to decide and suggest laser surgery for correcting snoring.

Besides the soft palate tissues, the uvula, which is nothing but the small cone shaped skinny structure that hangs from the roof of the mouth near the back of the throat, will also contribute its share in snoring.

Snoring, whether loud or low pitched, whether caused by uvula or palate tissues, is certainly an indication of sleep apnea. Initially your doctor will try with various treatments such as using breathing machines or various other dental devices to control your snoring before he/she could decide on the possibility of laser surgery.

Availability of Varied Treatment methods for Snoring

Though laser assisted surgery can serve as an ultimate remedy for your snoring, the most preferred methods continue to be the mechanical methods only. However, only in acute cases where all other method have either failed or not able to give satisfactory results, you should resort to laser surgery for getting your snoring corrected. Further doctor will perform laser surgery only on persons who have more than normal soft tissues that block the airway.

A doctor s decision to perform the laser surgery on you is sure to benefit you, as you will not snore at all after surgery. Initially the doctor will remove any excess tissues from your uvula and in case of necessity your soft palate tissues will also be trimmed to reduce the blockage and to provide a better airway passage. Majority of times, this treatment will open up your air passage sufficiently and as a result you will stop snoring during sleep.

In case of extreme blockage caused due to presence of excess soft palate tissues, your doctor will use laser surgery to burn few areas of the soft tissues so as to produce scars and increase the tightness of tissues.

A tightened palate tissues will be held back and this will make the air passage free and unobstructed for you to breathe easy and without snoring during sleep. Though you may feel little pain in your throat, you may subside it by taking painkillers and soon you will be relieved of your snoring completely.

This short video explains the easy stop snoring exercises in details. You can start using them within 10 minutes from now (yes! right where you are sitting) and treat your
snoring as soon as tonight – Watch The Video Now!

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