Month August 2007

Find out how a Leg Stretching Machine can turn into a Handy Flexibility Tool for you

At the first instance you should appreciate that a good stretching routine is an important need in your life for making you more flexible and fit. When it comes to various types of stretching exercises, there are many in number… Continue Reading →

Know more about Women’s Health and Fitness and its Necessities

The various health issues that trouble women of today are very complex and they never spare any women right from their young age. For instance, teen aged girls have got concerns about their menstrual cycles, grown ups have pregnancy and… Continue Reading →

The Menopause, Change of Life

The menopausal period for each women marks the time of her life when function of the ovaries slows down and the menstrual flow ceases. This is a normal change following the reproductive life and ordinarily takes place in the late… Continue Reading →

Understand How You can Suffer from Various Types of Hearing Loss

Doctors distinguish three types of hearing loss depending upon what part of the auditory system is damaged. They are conductive hearing loss, sensor neural hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. Different degrees of severity in hearing loss are noticed. They… Continue Reading →

Help Yourself to Understand Your Snoring Better

A snorer is sure to disturb all persons in the vicinity and it is only the other persons, who get perturbed by your snoring, as you seldom recognize your snoring habit unless told by someone else. If you are a… Continue Reading →

Find how the Simple Fitness and Stretching Exercises can Reward you with a Healthy Life

Exercise is a sure-handed method with which you can keep fit and stay in shape. When you consider the various exercises, stretching is one, which is easy to follow with greater benefits. You may be aware that stretching exercises and… Continue Reading →

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