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Examining the Female Genital Region

This examination is best carried out lying on the back with the knees well bent and held wide apart. With good light and a large hand mirror, the external vagina and its component parts can be visualized easily.

Fig. 111. Much of the female genital system, excluding the vagina, is within the abdomen. Only the vaginal entrance is visible externally, without the aid of instruments.

1. Examine the skin of the vulva, the labia majora and minora, surrounding and enfolding the entrance of the vaginal vault. Note any irritation, redness, ulceration, or sore on these skin structures, along with areas of drying, leathery whitening or skin cracking. These possibilities may mean leukoplakia or cancer of the vulva.

2. Feel the labia themselves, and note any one-sided ball-like enlargement under the skin, creating a bulge which may possibly be sore. An enlargement here may be a Bartholin cyst.

3. Look closely at the condition of the urinary exit, the dimpled-like opening just inside of the entrance into the deeper vagina. Observe any polyp-like reddened or bleeding growth about it. The possibility here is a urethral
polyp or caruncle.

4. Examine closely the entrance of the true, or deep vagina. An irritated blanched and cracking skin, covered possibly with a coating of pus or streaked with blood, is the appearance of vaginitis when it occurs.


Fig. 112. External female genitalia include only the unimportant skin folds about the vaginal entrance. The urinary tract exit is visible recessed into this region. Most diseases of the external genitals are not serious.

5. With a hand separating the labia on each side, strain with great effort as in child birth or at stool, and note any balloon-like or other structure from the vagina coming into view. Such structures may be a fallen bladder, called a cystocele, a fallen uterus, called a prolapsed uterus, or a fallen rectum, called a rectocele.

6. After gentle soap and water cleaning of the vagina and hands, insert one finger into the vagina and feel the rounded cervix, high in the vaginal vault. Normally, the tissue here is soft and smooth, and any grossly rough, ir
regular or bleeding areas may include the possibilities of cancer or cervicitis.

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Experience the Magic Spell of Stop Snoring Devices on Your Snoring

If you happen to be one of the victims of snoring, then here is good news for you. You need not stuff that old socks into your snoring partner s mouth any more to prevent him from snoring and you need not put a pillow on your face either to avoid hearing the snorting snoring noise. Just buy one of these stop snoring devices and get back your original unsullied peaceful sleep.

The Use of Sandler Pillow as a Stop Snoring Device

You may be aware that people tend to snore when they sleep on their back and exactly under this situation the use of a Sandler Pillow will prove very effective in controlling the snoring.

The pillow is a specially designed one and this facilitates the users to sleep on their side thereby reduce or stop snoring in mild cases of snoring. When a person use this sandler pillow, the person will find it difficult to sleep on back and unconsciously will turn and start sleeping on sides and this posture will keep his/her mouth closed for facilitating nasal breathing.

The Snore Ball Stop Snoring Devices

When a person keep in position a snore ball put in a PJ pouch on his/her back, this stop snoring device will prevent the person from sleeping on his/her sides. As the positioned snore ball will be a hindrance to sleep on one s back, the person will automatically switch to sleep on his sides and this will prevent the person from snoring.

The Sleep Position Monitor Stop Snoring Devices

The function and purpose of the sleep position monitor as a stop snoring device is very similar that of snore ball, and the monitor will alert the sleeper whenever he/she turns back to sleep on his/her back. The sleep position monitor will let out loud beeping sound that will make the person to adjust his sleeping position automatically.

Nasal Strip Stop Snoring Devices

Athletes for facilitating nasal breathing during their sports activities normally use nasal strip, and the same nasal strips are used as stop snoring devices.

These strips come in thin plastic materials and when worn by the snorer, it will widen the nasal airway thereby allow a free air passage, and you know that a free air passage will not vibrate the soft palate tissues and what you get as a result is a snore-free sleep.

Throat Sprays as Anti-Snoring Aid

Though the a throat spray is not a stop snoring device, but it is sure an anti-snoring aid that can be made use for stopping your snoring to a considerable extent. The throat spray is primarily a lubricating preparation and once sprayed onto to your inner throat, the passing air will not vibrate the soft tissues and there will not be any snoring. These throat sprays are not very expensive and hence persons who are cost conscious and do not like wearing uncomfortable devices can use this.

When it comes to finding a suitable stop snoring device, it is better you consult your doctor and get to know the right device for you. Though you may get many interesting suggestions from other stop snoring device users, you better stick to your doctor s advice for best results.

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