Month January 2007

Diseases of kidney – Stones and Uremia

Kidney Stones. A stone in the kidneys is fairly common and may occur in youth though it is more frequent in the senior years of life. Stones are caused by many different factors, some of which include faulty body metabolism… Continue Reading →

Channelizing Modern Day Women’s Health in Right Direction

Women of earlier days were ignorant about their health and do not know the basics of up keeping their health. When you analyze the reasons, the reasons could be due to lack of medical knowledge and absence of any medical… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the kidney – Nephritis and Pyelitis

Nephritis. Diseases of the kidney tissue, itself due to infection or degeneration, frequently are termed nephritis or Bright’s Disease. This group of kidney diseases involves the tiny blood vessels, tubes and tissue of the kidney and produces toxins which circulate… Continue Reading →

Knowing the kidney

The Kidney In the back of the abdomen lies the kidney, the main portion of our urinary system, designed to excrete from the body poisonous wastes along with excesses of water, salt, acids and other body chemicals. ______________________________________________________________ Take 3… Continue Reading →

Hernia pain and Peritonitis

Hernia Pain. Hernia or rupture may be hard to see in fat people and unknown to many others. Hernias present for a long time usually produce dull aching, but when they are just beginning, getting larger, or they cannot be… Continue Reading →

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