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Better Women’s Reproductive Health means Better Overall Women’s Health

Women’s overall general health is in fact greatly dependent on their reproductive health and hence it is important that every woman should give utmost importance and take maximum possible efforts to tend their reproductive health in a proper manner. First the women should understand their body and their reproductive systems in detail and in relation to its sensitiveness to external and internal threats.

Further, women should understand how the hormones act and react within their body and how it is responsible in producing the monthly menstrual cycles in women. In order to get and maintain a better women’s reproductive health, women should know the food they eat, as food can be a major cause both for better reproductive health as well as its deterioration.

Knowing the Knack of Preempting Your Hormonal and other Organ Functions

Many a times, the women’s physiology will get disorganized due to various reasons and in such case the women will develop various complications. For example, any hormonal imbalance may interfere with the regular menstrual cycle and this may even lead to infertility, a disease or a condition most of the women will dread to have. Further, an irregular menstrual cycle will also result in women not getting their desired pregnancy at the right time.

Women, in order to ensure that their reproductive health is maintained in a rosy state, should get pap smear test conducted regularly. If the pap smear test shows any abnormality then preventive measures can be immediately taken so as to avoid the women’s reproductive health from deteriorating any further.

Please bear in mind that any abnormal pap smear test need not necessarily indicate cancer and in fact such condition can be perceived as an early option for getting yourself treated well in advance.

Next to the major killer disease of breast cancer, cervical cancer occupies the second position that causes cancer related deaths in women. Any cancerous growth can easily be identified with the smear test and hence women should get the smear test done regularly for early detection of any cervical cancer so as to take curative treatments in the initial stages itself.

In fact, you must understand that any form of cancer is curable, provided it is identified in its early stages and proper treatment is taken.

The major cause for any destruction of women’s reproductive system is actually the cervical cancer and the other forms of cancer such as uterine cancer or ovarian cancer may also result in impaired reproductive system. Added to this, women are also prone to develop ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and chronic pelvic pain that may interfere with her ability to conceive and give birth to child.

However, for having read what has been stated above, do not jump to conclusions that women’s reproductive health is mainly dependent on their pelvic region only. For any better reproductive health in women, their breasts should also be taken into account, as they are the main source for feeding the newborn for an extended period of time.

Hence, the risk of women getting breast cancer should also be looked at as impairment in the women’s reproductive health. Breast cancer is also a serious disease that may lead to infertility and even death in women. Today, there are various treatments that can contain and control breast cancer and with the assistance of reconstructive surgery, women will also be able to get back their original breasts again.

Further, in the event of women contracting bacterial or yeast infections in their reproductive organs, especially in vagina, they are bound to get their reproductive system affected. However, such conditions are treatable and once the bacterial infection in contained, the reproductive system’s health will be back to normal.

However, any such bacterial infections or pelvic inflammatory disease if left untreated can lead to irreversible infertility and hence the women should make it a point to get regular check-ups done by qualified doctors.

Pains – Gall bladder, Liver, Kidney

Gall bladder Pain. Pain from the gall bladder is felt on the right side in the upper abdomen. It starts as a dull ache but increases steadily to its peak, in about an hour and is called a colic because of its “come and go” nature. It may also go through to the back and be felt just under the right shoulder blade. As inflammation of the gall bladder develops, the severity of pain also develops and the upper abdomen becomes very tense and painful when touched.

Liver Pain. Pain of liver origin is usually not severe. It is more often a dull aching soreness of the upper abdomen, mostly on the right side and sometimes is felt in the right shoulder as well. The area just below the ribs on the right side is painful when tapped and when a deep breath is taken.

Pancreas Pain. It is most difficult to pin down pancreas pain generally. Often, laboratory tests and x-rays are necessary to make certain of the origin of the pain. Pancreas pain usually is severe and boring in the middle of the upper abdomen and straight through into the back. The pain increases to an agonizing state and may remain for several days. It is made worse by eating. Sitting straight up or leaning forward affords a small measure of relief, but real relief demands a hypo from the physician.

Pain in the Side of the Abdomen. The side of the abdomen includes pain caused by the kidneys and the ureter leading down

Side of abdomen

Fig. 98. The side of the abdomen is a vague area. It is the site of kidney and muscle spasm difficulties.
into the bladder. Abdominal wall pain is also present in this location.

Kidney Pain comes in two distinct types; dull aching pain and colicky cramping pain. The dull ache of kidney infection is felt in back just under the ribs and pushing or punching of this area may be very painful. The colicky cramping type pain is felt not only in the back, but running to the front of the abdomen and down into the groin region. This is called kidney colic; it can be excruciating and means that kidney stone possibly is being milked along to the outside. Such severe pain is never forgotten.

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