Month October 2006

Painful spasms of colon

Colitis. Sometimes named irritable colon, colitis is a very common disease intimately associated with the nervous system. Its main characteristic is frequent painful spasms of the colon along with periods of diarrhea and constipation. There is no definite cause of… Continue Reading →

Diagnosing Appendicitis

Appendicitis may be most difficult to diagnose, even for the expert physician, and no one should attempt to make this diagnosis on himself, not even a doctor. Everyone, however, should include some information about a typical appendicitis picture, because over… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the Colon

The colon The colon, or large intestine, consists of the final five feet of the intestine and measures about one-fifth of the entire intes- Fig. 88. The pathway of food within the abdomen includes a small storage depot-the stomach; a… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the Liver – Hepatitis, Cirrhosis

Hepatitis. Often caused by a virus, hepatitis is an infection of the liver in which painful swelling of the liver may be felt on the right side. It is a disease which may have a long course to recovery, with… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the Liver

The Liver Jaundice. Yellow jaundice is a diseased state in which bile accumulates in the blood stream, and colors all the body tissues yellow. This is first noted in the whites of the eyes, but eventually it covers the entire… Continue Reading →

Reasons for diabetes and its control

Several difficulties attend the diabetic person. Probably the best-known of these difficulties is diabetic coma, where the diabetic condition actually produces unconsciousness. Many diabetics carry cards on their person, informing strangers what to do for them in case they should… Continue Reading →

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