Month September 2006

Difficulties of the Pancreas

The Pancreas Pancreas difficulties Diseases in the pancreas are uncommon and difficult to diagnose when they do occur. Infection, cancers, and wasting-away of this gland produce body difficulties such as great pain, jaundice, and intense prolonged diarrhea. The physician’s investigation… Continue Reading →

Chronic, Recurring Infection of the Gall bladder.

Once the gall bladder has become acutely inflamed, it is likely that a low degree of irritation will persist indefinitely. In the presence of irritating stones, frequent flare-ups may occur to make the gall bladder’s future even more miserable, with… Continue Reading →

The Gall bladder and the Gall stones

The Gall bladder Gallstones (Cholelithiasis). Gallstones are present in about seven percent of our population. They increase with years, so at Gall bladderBile ducts from liver Fig. 80. The gall bladder looks like a small toy balloon on a branch… Continue Reading →

Cancer of the Stomach

Cancer of the Stomach. Cancer of the stomach is a very serious disease, much rarer than the ordinary ulcer, and found among men twice as often as in women. It accounts for about 30 percent of all cancer deaths each… Continue Reading →

Other difficulties of Ulcer

Besides pain, an ulcer can cause three other well-known difficulties. 1. Serious bleeding of an ulcer may occur. This is recognized by vomited blood or black, tarry stools. 2. Blowout (Penetration) of the ulcer produces immediate severe abdominal pain, a… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the abdomen

Abdominal Diseases Peptic Ulcer (Stomach Ulcer, Duodenal Ulcer). A peptic ulcer is a painful sore in the stomach or its outlet, that looks like a canker sore of the mouth, with its crater-like appearance varying from the size of a… Continue Reading →

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