Month August 2006

Examining the Abdomen for diseases

The Abdomen Abdominal troubles of advancing years are much more significant than those of youth. Within the abdomen, the factory of the body, any organ may have difficulty, but these organs, their functions and diseases are very vague to most… Continue Reading →

Disease of the heart – Angina Pectoris Pain

Angina Pectoris Pain. Angina Pectoris is a well-known heart chest pain. Like all heart pain, it is due to heart arteries that do not bring enough blood to the heart muscle while it is working. The pain is felt when… Continue Reading →

Disease of the heart – Arteriosclerotic Heart disease pain

Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease Pain. Arteriosclerosis is our second type of heart disease to cause chest pain. In this disease, the heart artery probably along with other arteries of the body, has a much thickened and roughened wall, which may greatly… Continue Reading →

Disease of the heart – The Heart Attack Pain

Heart Attack Pain. What can we say of the pain in the “heart attack?” We know now that all heart pain is due to a lack of blood supply to the heart muscle. In the heart attack, a blood clot… Continue Reading →

Types of Heart Pains

Heart Pain-The usual cause of heart pain is directly due to a too-small supply of blood to the muscle of the heart itself. This is hard to understand when we know that all of the body blood goes through the… Continue Reading →

Misinterpreted pains – Heartburn

Heartburn may be very severe, but can usually be identified by several characteristics. It often becomes much worse soon after eating; it is sometimes relieved by standing up; it is frequently made worse by bending forward or by lying down…. Continue Reading →

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