Month July 2006

Shingles pain is not from heart

Shingles (Herpes Zoster) is a burning, aching pain usually on one side of the chest wall. We know where the pain is coming from as soon as we recognize shingles, for a skin eruption usually Fig. 66. Breast Pain. Caused… Continue Reading →

Not all pains originate from heart

Let us study next, pain in the chest originating from bone, muscle and ligament of the chest wall. Pain of this sort is usually regularly produced by certain movements of the body, such as sneezing, bending, coughing or lifting. These… Continue Reading →

Facts about chest pain

What can we know of chest pains for our own benefit? Let us look at chest pain generally to observe a few fundamental facts about it. First of all, most chest pains are not caused by the heart. Most chest… Continue Reading →

Knowing the Chest pains clearly

Chest Pains When pain strikes in the chest, one question leaps to the foreground. Is the pain coming from the heart or somewhere else? It is the same for all people including doctors themselves, who Fig. 63. Chest pain strikes… Continue Reading →

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