Month June 2006

Disease of the heart – Heart Block and Angina Pectoris

Heart Block. This is easily identified. The heartbeat is regular like marching feet, but one beat is missed out of a regular sequence. The missed beat may be noticed after every twenty-four regular beats, or possibly after every five beats;… Continue Reading →

Tachycardia and Fibrillation of the Heart

Tachycardia (Fast Heart). In this condition, the heartbeat rate speeds up two or three times the normal rate. It is often found in young people with no serious heart disease, but who are frequently bothered with these uncomfortable and terrifying… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the heart

Heart difficulties are not all serious and are often interpreted in terms of noticeable heart action, breathing difficulty, chest pain or swelling of the ankles. Heart Murmurs. Heart valves which open and close imperfectly may give rise to a sound… Continue Reading →

Examining the Heart for problems

Examination of the Heart 1. Sit motionless and determine if the heart action is noticeable. Normally, it cannot be felt and sensations within the chest usually described as flip flopping are regarded as palpitations. They are often caused by extrasystole… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the Lungs – Cancer and Pneumonia

Cancer of the Lung is a most important disease after the age of fifty. Much more common in men than in women, its occurrence rate is increasing faster than any other kind of cancer. The cause remains unknown but tremendous… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the Lungs – Tuberculosis and Asthma

Tuberculosis is amazingly widespread, but most people who have had this disease are not aware of it. In larger cities where tubercular infections are more common, about 40 percent of the twenty-one year old population has had tuberculosis, whereas, 95… Continue Reading →

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