Month April 2006

Findings in the breast

Breast findings Breast findings in the over fifty age group revolve about the one consuming thought cancer. Breast cancer accounts for 15,000 deaths yearly in the United States alone, but it is well worth knowing that most breast difficulties are… Continue Reading →

Abnormal findings of the chest wall and breast

Pigeon Breast. This deformity is a sharply projecting breastbone resembling the protruding breast of a chicken. It is usually present since childhood, because of rickets or malnutrition, and is of little importance in adult years. Funnel Chest. A common deformity… Continue Reading →

Examining the Female Chest

Examination of the Female Chest 1. Stand before the mirror in the usual erect position, with all clothing removed above the waist. Note any difference of the breast in size, shape or position and closely inspect the nipple for possible… Continue Reading →

Examining the External Chest

The chest The chest is a cage of breastbone, ribs and vertebrae, covered with muscles, ligaments and skin. In its external aspect, the chest includes the breasts, ribs, breastbone and upper spine, while internally it houses and protects the heart,… Continue Reading →

The Thyroid Gland and Its Diseases

Thyroid disease is seldom seen today, but thirty years ago it was a common sight to see large neck goitres. Medical research found that iodine was lacking in the soil in regions where thyroid disease was prevalent and the addition… Continue Reading →

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