Month March 2006

Diseases of the neck – Sore Stiff Neck, Enlarged glands

Sore-Stiff Neck. Stiffness in the neck is the usual result of irritation in the muscles, bones and ligaments that make up the spine in the neck region. Sudden soreness or stiffness, of a temporary nature, is often due to the… Continue Reading →

Examining the Neck for problems

The neck The neck, the support and connection for the head to the body, is also the location of the thyroid gland and many human ills as well. Examination of the Neck The neck is examined in a well-lighted position… Continue Reading →

Diseases of Pharynx – Cancer, Halitosis, and Coughing

Cancer of the Pharynx. Malignant growth, especially cancer, often occurs in the pharynx, base of the tongue and the vocal cords. Unfortunately this area cannot be seen without the aid of special mirrors and lighting arrangements. The features arousing suspicions… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the pharynx-larynx region

Pharyngitis-A general redness like that of raw hamburger, covered with many small blood vessels, is the appearance of the irritated pharynx-called pharyngitis. Pharyngitis frequently accompanies upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, sinus disease, virus infection and various types of sore throat. If… Continue Reading →

Examining the Pharynx for problems

Examination of the Pharynx The pharynx can be seen partially by forceful traction on the tongue, by the fingers wrapped in a handkerchief. It begins in back of the one-half inch uvula, which hangs down freely from the posterior rim… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the tongue – Leukoplakia, Cancer, Paralysis and Enlargement

Leukoplakia. A whitish discoloration, as a soft wet crusting on the tongue surface and occasionally on the inner surface of the cheek, is termed leukoplakia. It is the result of chronic irritation, such as over-indulgence in the use of tobacco,… Continue Reading →

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