Month January 2006

Diseases of the lips – Trauma, Fissures, Leukoplakia

Trauma. The lips, in plain sight and the center of much activity during life, usually have suffered bruising, biting, chafing and often a cut or two. Aside from scar formation and possible mild deformity which would result, trauma to the… Continue Reading →

Examining the Lips for problems

Examination of the Lips The lips are examined also in a close-up mirror with the aid of a good light. If artificial dentures are used, they should be removed for better inspection of the lips’ inner surface. 1. Closely examine… Continue Reading →

Ingrown Hairs and Facial deformity

Facial Deformity and Irregularity. No two sides of anybody’s face are exactly alike. The ears differ; the eyes differ; the sides of the face or the nose or the mouth are not equal and facial movements also differ on each… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the Face – Tics and Facial Palsy

Tics, Unintended Facial Movements. Tics are unusual nervous twitches in the face, caused by spasms of local facial muscles. Some twitching can be stopped at will, but others are entirely uncontrollable. Tics are not serious when they represent temporary excessive… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the face – Skin Cancer and Face growths

Skin Cancer and Other Growths. The skin of the face is the site for most skin cancers. This is because the face is the body area most exposed to sunlight, wind, and weather of all sorts. A skin cancer may… Continue Reading →

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