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Examining the Face for problems

Examination of the Face Examine the face before a close-up mirror using a secondary mirror as required.1. Examine the texture of the facial skin. Note any recent growth, bleeding points, long unhealed sores, or any painful swollen areas on the… Continue Reading →

Problems with the nose – Sinus Trouble

Sinus Trouble. The sinuses are hollow, air filled spaces in the bones of the eyebrows, cheekbones and face and are similar to small rooms opening directly into the nose chamber. They are easily infected, do not drain easily, and are… Continue Reading →

Diseases of the nose

Skin Cancer and Other Growths. Skin cancers often begin on the skin of the nose, especially where the nostril flares into the cheek. Other skin growths, for instance, warts and blood-filled tumors, oftentimes are found in the skin of weather-beaten… Continue Reading →

Examining the Nose for problems

Examination of the Nose The nose should be examined by close-up mirror observation with a good light in various positions of the head. 1. Observe the skin of the nose for any unhealing sore, warty growth, soreness, redness, recent enlargement… Continue Reading →

Nerve deafness and Inner Ear Infections

Nerve Deafness. A person is not really deaf until the hearing nerve loses its function. This is particularly important in the over fifty age group since there is distinct loss of hearing (especially for higher tones) with each decade of… Continue Reading →

Problems in ears – Otosclerosis, Ear Canal Blockade and Eardrum Perforation

Infection of the Inner Ear. Infections of the hearing part of the ear are called “otitis media,” and are usually seen in childhood, but rarely may begin after fifty. Accompanied by intense pain in the ear and high temperature, these… Continue Reading →

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