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Examining the Face for problems

Examination of the Face

Examine the face before a close-up mirror using a secondary mirror as required.
1. Examine the texture of the facial skin. Note any recent growth, bleeding points, long unhealed sores, or any painful swollen areas on the entire face. These abnormalities indicate skin growth possibilities, cancerous or benign.
2. Observe any involuntary movement of the face, eyes or mouth, note any difference in motion between sides of the

Fig. 19. The face is our most important human feature, and is the reason for existence of the rest of the body. It has its own diseases and difficulties found in no other region of the body.

face during facial movements; raise the eyebrows, squint the eyes, bare the teeth widely as in smiling, pucker the lips in a whistling motion. Such findings may indicate tics or facial paralysis.
3. By placing two mirrors at right angles, mirror the face so that the left side of the face is a mirror of the right. Difference between the right side of the face and left side, immediately seen show any facial deformity or asymmetry.

Problems with the nose – Sinus Trouble

Sinus Trouble. The sinuses are hollow, air filled spaces in the bones of the eyebrows, cheekbones and face and are similar to small rooms opening directly into the nose chamber. They are easily infected, do not drain easily, and are prone to carry infectious material for long periods. A large proportion of people living in humid climates have difficulty with their sinuses, but definitely more than average sinus trouble follows: 1. Nasal Deformity. 2. Allergy. 3. Low Body Resistance.

Nasal Deformity. A broken nose sometimes blocks the sinus communication within the nose, presenting an obstacle to free drainage of the sinus, which is a necessity for a disease free sinus.

Allergy. Swollen, boggy, and inflamed mucous membranes in the nose tend to block the sinus openings, irritate the sinus linings and stimulate them to produce infectious material which cannot drain out easily.

Low Body Resistance. Improper diet and nutrition can produce very low resistance to infection. This applies particularly to areas prone to infection like the sinus areas.

Because chronic sinus infection is often a focci of infection for many other ailments, it is well to consult a physician so that he may prescribe proper treatment for this difficulty. Heat application is a popular and safe home remedy, but all other forms of treatment should be under the direction and guidance of a physician, who alone has the knowledge, ability and experience to treat the sinus sufferer.

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