Month November 2005

Problems in the eyes

Eye difficulties Black Eye. This common eye injury, often resulting from a blow, usually is not serious and clears up by itself, but since the eye is very precious and may have been damaged by the blow, an examination by… Continue Reading →

Examining the eyes for any difficulties

Examination of the Eyes Examine the eye in a mirror with the aid of a strong light. For visual acuity, pin the eye chart on a wall at eye level, and stand back a measured twenty feet. Fig. 6. The… Continue Reading →

Problems of the scalp

Examination of the Scalp Stand under a bright light, before a close-up mirror and observe the hair and scalp closely.1. Note that the hair is lightest where the scalp is thinnest, on top, in the temples, and just back of… Continue Reading →

Different types of dizziness

Dizziness Dizziness is a common difficulty after fifty. It may mean a faint or unsteady feeling, but usually means a sensation of motion in our surroundings and can be sensed either in daylight or total darkness. Meniere’s Syndrome, disease of… Continue Reading →

Head problems – Diabetes, Arteriosclerosis, and Tension headaches

Diabetes headacheHeadache in diabetes is due to brain artery dilation when sugar content in the blood gets too low. This occurs after either too much insulin has been given to the diabetic patient, or not enough sugar-type food has been… Continue Reading →

Head problems – Migraine headaches, High BP Headaches

Migraine headaches Migraine is a type of blood vessel headache with several identifying marks. It throbs, is usually on one side of the head and recurs in similar circumstances-such as, every Sunday. Known as a sick headache, it is accompanied… Continue Reading →

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