Month October 2005

Skin abnormalities – Moles, Senile Keratosis, and Angioma

Moles The ordinary mole begins in youth, but may develop in middle or even later years of life. They are usually light brown, with a slightly elevated appearance and considered desirable as a beauty spot by many people. Most moles,… Continue Reading →

Skin abnormalities – Intertrigo and Warts

Intertrigo, Sweat Rash Reddened, wet and itching skin under large breasts and in the skin folds of obese abdomens is called intertrigo. The skin may be macerated, cracked and have erosions appearing as though sand-papered, and boil-like eruptions may appear.This… Continue Reading →

Skin abnormalities – Hives and Boils

Hives, Urticaria Hives and similar skin reactions of allergy are a problem for many people. Hives are elevated pea-sized nodules accompanied by intense itching, and they can arrive in a few minutes after eating, breathing, or touching any substance to… Continue Reading →

Skin abnormalities due to Yellow Jaundice, Vitiligo and Seorrheic Dermatitis

Yellow Jaundice A progressive and rapid development of yellow discoloration in the skin and whites of the eyes, frequently reflects disease of the liver and gallbladder system. This condition, termed jaundice, is frequently connected with a light clay color to… Continue Reading →

The Skin and its abnormalities

The skin The skin does more than just cover the surface of the body; it performs many essential functions for the body such as cooling, preserving heat, throwing off poisons, and absorbing sunlight. Fifty years of this continuous service, however,… Continue Reading →

Essentials of breathing

Respiration In simple terms, respiration means exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the living body and the outside air, and this exchange, effected by the breathing of fresh air, continually stands between us and the grave. Although we never… Continue Reading →

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