Month September 2005

Psychosis and Neuroses problems

Psychosis: Unrecognized Mental Difficulties A person with a psychosis has a mental difficulty of which he is not aware. People with delusions of grandeur, who may think they are someone else, or who have hallucinations, do not realize that their… Continue Reading →

Mentality – The Sixty Year Old Personality

Benjamin Franklin once said, “All would live long, but none would be old.” What should we actually expect of ourselves after sixty years? Must we eventually become senile and mentally old, or can we have a long life and still… Continue Reading →

How the over 50 health manual can help you prolong your life

Through all of history, we have searched for the tools and know-how to lengthen our lives. It has always been the same; because more than anything else, we want to go on living. We have searched for a formula, possibly… Continue Reading →

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