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The Need for Testing and Treating Breast Cancer

As a woman, it is inevitable for you to make a periodical visit to your Obstetrician or Gynecologist either for a pap smear test or a pelvic scan. If you happen to be over 21 years of age, then you are more prone to diseases such as cancer and hence you cannot afford to skip or avoid any of the regular tests, so as to get prevented from the second deadliest killer disease of cancer.

Awareness and Knowledge

In United States alone more than a million women have been diagnosed with cancer and a widespread thought provoking process is going on to devise methods as how to avoid such cancer occurrence by adapting to a healthier lifestyle. The movement is also aimed at reducing the cancer risks by resorting to improved nutrition, proper and regular cancer screening, creating awareness amongst women, and help in giving a proper support to the afflicted women.

Women who fall under the age group of 65 years and above constitute almost 50 percent of the total diagnosed breast cancer cases every year and a study indicates that this figure could possibly be double by the year 2030. The harsh or the stark fact is that the older women get less attention in respect of treatment for breast cancer when compared to younger women and this has created an awareness amongst the physicians’ circle to look for symptoms in all categories of women irrespective of age.

The most common form of cancer that afflicts women all over the world is breast cancer and this continues to be the challenging factor in women’s health. A study also revealed that in western hemisphere of this globe, at least one in every 11-12 women get afflicted with breast cancer at some stage of their lives. A disturbing fact is that despite the huge and significant efforts made for early detection of breast cancer, almost 20 percent of women still continue to die out of breast cancer.

In order to detect the onset of breast cancer in its initial form or stage itself it is necessary that you get yourself screened at regular intervals and there are few self-examining techniques also that can aid you in detecting any lump formation. An early mammography can reveal any of the initial cancerous growth in your breasts and a further refined technique of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan can further clarify the stages where mammography methods fail to detect.

The next disturbing disease in women’s health is onset of diabetes, and to fight this diabetes disease an educational video was brought out by the National Public Health Initiative on Diabetes and Women’s health. The purpose of this video is to highlight the scope and causes of this debilitating diabetes disease and it also suggest as how to cope with the disease and how to avoid it totally.

The most decisive point here is that as a woman, your knowledge and the awareness are the silver lining for your perfect health.

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