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Pains – Gall bladder, Liver, Kidney

Gall bladder Pain. Pain from the gall bladder is felt on the right side in the upper abdomen. It starts as a dull ache but increases steadily to its peak, in about an hour and is called a colic because of its “come and go” nature. It may also go through to the back and be felt just under the right shoulder blade. As inflammation of the gall bladder develops, the severity of pain also develops and the upper abdomen becomes very tense and painful when touched.

Liver Pain. Pain of liver origin is usually not severe. It is more often a dull aching soreness of the upper abdomen, mostly on the right side and sometimes is felt in the right shoulder as well. The area just below the ribs on the right side is painful when tapped and when a deep breath is taken.

Pancreas Pain. It is most difficult to pin down pancreas pain generally. Often, laboratory tests and x-rays are necessary to make certain of the origin of the pain. Pancreas pain usually is severe and boring in the middle of the upper abdomen and straight through into the back. The pain increases to an agonizing state and may remain for several days. It is made worse by eating. Sitting straight up or leaning forward affords a small measure of relief, but real relief demands a hypo from the physician.

Pain in the Side of the Abdomen. The side of the abdomen includes pain caused by the kidneys and the ureter leading down

Side of abdomen

Fig. 98. The side of the abdomen is a vague area. It is the site of kidney and muscle spasm difficulties.
into the bladder. Abdominal wall pain is also present in this location.

Kidney Pain comes in two distinct types; dull aching pain and colicky cramping pain. The dull ache of kidney infection is felt in back just under the ribs and pushing or punching of this area may be very painful. The colicky cramping type pain is felt not only in the back, but running to the front of the abdomen and down into the groin region. This is called kidney colic; it can be excruciating and means that kidney stone possibly is being milked along to the outside. Such severe pain is never forgotten.

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