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How to Remove Stretch Mark after Pregnancy

Developing stretch marks during pregnancy is a common condition. The occurrence and intensity of these marks would depend on a host of factors. Some of the more common ones include ethnicity, the extent of weight gain and weight loss during the pregnancy and delivery process, family history and so on. Treating them however, may not be a simple task at hand. Stretch marks generally tend to be pretty persistent.
However, research has provided some effective solutions for making it more manageable to deal with.

How to Remove Stretch Mark after Pregnancy – Instantly and Over Time

Although they might appear pretty stubborn at the outset, stretch marks are most likely to fade away considerably with time. Therefore, there is really no cause of grave worry if you are indeed prepared to wait. However, if you are inclined to do away with them right now, there are remedies available which help. Some of the most tried and tested remedies for removing stretch marks include:

• Starting off with over the counter creams is great. There could be several compounds available at the local chemist. You need to consult your dermatologist before investing in one. A popular choice would be Retin A, which is considered especially effective in dealing with stretch marks. However, if you are a nursing mother, you need to consult your obstetrician before starting to use. Little is known about the repercussions the cream might have, once absorbed into your system.

• Alternatively, you can simply use a cream which is very high in Vitamin E. Massaging the affected area with this cream can bring forth excellent results.

• Choose a cream with cocoa butter, lanolin and other intense moisturizing compounds. Opt for a regular massage. This will leave the skin moisturized and supple and will help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

• Keep your system well hydrated in order to remove the stretch marks really fast. More moisture in the system will prevent your skin from drying out and will also not allow the stretch marks to deepen.

• If you are really upset with your stretch marks and would like to do away with them immediately, opting for a laser surgery procedure is the best thing. This is basically a simple outpatient process which removes wrinkles with the aid of the laser therapy. Recovery happens almost instantly as well.

• Alternatively, the other surgical option is the usage of blue light therapy for removing stretch marks. Here a combination of light rays and a gel is used to remove the marks.

Choose an option which suits your type and your budget. Remember, stretch marks are common in new mothers and there is little reason to worry over it.

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