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Easy To Do Self Prostate Exam

Self prostate exam, unlike the prostate cancer exam performed by the doctor, can be performed at home at your convenience. The best part is that you perform the examination yourself and the process is very much like the one performed in a prostate exam. Remember that a self prostate exam is not an alternate to the conventional medical examination and is just a process that has to be performed amid two prostate exams. If you are a 40 year old man, make sure you do a self prostate exam every month.

Simple Ways To Perform A Self Prostate Exam

It is very easy for a person to examine their own prostate gland with their fingers. Prostate gland is as big as a walnut and is located beneath the bladder. To palpate the gland you have to just put in one of your fingers into the rectum and feel it. Initially when you perform a self prostate exam you may find it challenging but with a little practice you can easily do away with the process. The normal prostate gland feels rubbery and supple but if you find that the gland is too hard inform your doctor immediately. Even the slightest of pain or uneasiness felt should be reported to the physician.

If you are one of those with extremely long fingers then you are the lucky ones for a self prostate exam is not as easy as it is demonstrated. Men generally perform the self prostate exam while taking their bath where the soap foam is used as the lubricant. This helps you to slide in your whole finger easily into the rectum to feel the prostate gland. You can even use the tip of your finger to sense the gland position. It is necessary to check the complete prostate while performing a self prostate exam. A few even wear a latex glove before performing the self examination even though it is left to the persons choice.

Size is another factor you must look into while doing the self prostate exam. A healthy prostate gland is as big as the walnut. But if you doubt that your prostate is much larger than the actual size then make sure you report it to the doctor. As soon as you find the exterior walls of the prostate try to feel the tissues connecting the gland. Remember, the prostrate is generally solid strong and you should check for solidity and change in its surface texture. If you discover any such conditions contact your doctor right away. A good doctor is always at his patients service and is ever ready to answer any concerns or questions a person puts forward regarding a self prostate exam.

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