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Does Low Carb Diet Cause Hair Loss?

There is no doubt that the low carb diet is best option for any one who would like to reduce body weight in a healthy way, but the best ever option has a small thorn in it; it is the undesirable hair loss in persons who are on a low carb diet. Though the associated hair loss problem in a low carb diet is seen rarely, many people find this as a potential deterrent in their selecting the low carb diet. However, the hair loss problem in a low carb diet is a very inconspicuous one and once you know how to handle you hair loss, then the problem can no longer bother you and be a hindrance on your way to losing weight.

Reason for Hair Loss in a Low Carb Diet

You may be aware that the effect of a low carb diet differs from person to person and the side effects are also different amongst different persons. One of the immediately visible side effects of a low carb diet is the hair loss and this is due to the sudden and abrupt fall of energy producing sources in your body. Whenever you are on a low carb diet, your bodys natural mechanism will start depending on the fats and other sugars for its daily energy requirements and this will initially result in some hair loss in you.

Hair loss is found to be the most common side effect of a low carb diet on a person and even the inventor of popular Atkins low carb diet namely Dr. Atkins himself has admitted that around 10% of the people who tried low carb diet experienced hair loss.

Medical professionals and dieticians are yet to find out the exact reasons for such hair loss on people who follow low carb diet, but it may be due to the probable reduction in ones nutritional levels suddenly. It is possible for persons who are on a low carb diet to produce a higher cortisol level in their blood due to a sudden fall in their nutrients level and this will trigger hair loss in them. However, it you want to continue with the low carb diet and at the same time reduce or stop your hair loss, then you can make slight changes in your diet programme and the nutritional supplements can see that you are growing your lost hair back in no time.

Of the various low carb diets available today, the Atkins diet is considered to be the most popular one and at the same time very effective on almost all types of people. So if you are contemplating on the right choice of low carb diet, then giving the Atkins low carb diet a try is worth and can turn out to be the best decision for your weight loss programme. The speciality of this Atkins diet is that you will not be curbed from taking any of your favorite eatables, but you will be made to do that in moderation and your carb conscious mentality will see you through losing weight consciously and effortlessly.

Though the low carb diet is making its rounds for quite some time from now, it has become a craze today for one main reason and it is nothing but its efficacy in helping people to reduce weight. In any low carb diet, you will be initially given with very low levels of carbs and this will make you to crave for carbs and in the process your body mechanism will start looking for other sources of energy such as your body fats ad sugars. Once these energy sources get reduced on utilization, you will tend to lose your weight in a consistent manner.

Any day and at any point of your lifetime, low carb diet is a good choice for your weight management and a healthy living.

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