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Disease of the Male genitals – Scrotal Hernia

Scrotal Hernia, Rupture into the Scrotum. Long-standing hernias or ruptures frequently descend into the scrotum and create enlargement of the scrotal sac. When standing or straining, the mass appears to fall outside of the lower abdomen, underneath the skin, and find its way into the scrotum, which then may balloon-up to the size of an orange or more. Usually these enlargements return to the abdomen when lying down, or when pressure is placed under the enlargement in the scrotum.

Hernia is an age-old condition that has been treated by numerous means. The simplest thing to do is to wear a truss, but they are often exceptionally cumbersome, frequently quite painful and usually limit the physical ability through necessary tightness of the truss.

A truss will not heal a hernia, and any such claim is misleading. It is common to find men who have worn a truss twenty or more years in an attempt to “fix” their rupture, but they finally realize the hernia has been slowly enlarging all along. Only a few who wear a truss for hernia, are satisfied with the end results.

Other treatments for hernia have been injections of various waxes and sands into the hernia itself. This form of treatment has had occasional success, but more often produces undesirable results or makes the hernia condition even worse. Fortunately, these practices are almost extinct today.

Surgical operation for rupture is most satisfactory. There is complete healing, complete comfort, and a strengthened body wall usually follows the hernia operation. It is thought, that within six months of a surgical hernia repair, the repaired region will have grown stronger than the same region of the average person. These operations are not completely fool-proof, but it is by far the most satisfactory treatment available for hernia.

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