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A Guide to Diabetic Footwear

The feet are the foundation of the body and when they are out of balance they cannot provide the support the body needs. This affects the lower parts of the body resulting in ankle, knee, leg, and lower back pain. The feet are particularly at risk in those suffering from diabetes and should be well cared for by wearing proper diabetic footwear.

At Excel, we have a full line of diabetic footwear and custom inserts to keep diabetic patients walking in comfort. Our highly skilled practitioners understand how different types of diabetic shoes, orthopedic shoes, and surgical shoes in combination with biomechanical orthotics helps to solve foot problems in diabetics. We use cutting-edge technology combined with experience to create a better quality of life for our patients.

Technology is constantly changing and improving the products available to us we consistently seek to expand our knowledge in order to provide our customers with the best options available. Our innovative technologies are led and utilized by an expert team of certified technicians and practitioners. An example of this leading-edge technology is digital scanning that captures the most accurate model of a patient in order to provide the best solution for foot and general health problems.

Diabetic Shoes

Off the shelf diabetic footwear and custom-molded diabetic shoes feature modifications that include wedges, lifts, and rocker soles.

Diabetic Insoles

Diabetic insoles serve the purpose of evenly distributing weight over the whole plantar surface of the foot, alleviating pressure on areas that may be painful or sensitive. These insoles improve the overall alignment of the feet, lower limb, and ankle complex and can also accommodate and correct for deformities. Categories in these foot orthoses include corrective, accommodative, soft, semi-rigid, and rigid.

CROW – The Charcot Restraint Orthotic Walker

An orthosis is a brace custom-fabricated to maintain the foot in a plantigrade position for better ambulation. It protects the skin and joints by uniformly distributing or transferring weight across the entire foot area until the pathology has reached a stage of coalescence (blending or fusion of parts).

Excel TORCH Walker

The TORCH Walker combines the functionality and accommodation of custom-molded footwear with the positioning and support of a traditional AFO. Standard features include a rocker base with SACH heel and a triple-density custom insole. It offers a wide range of options and modifications that are diagnosis-specific to address any complex conditions of the lower extremities. The Velcro lace closure creates a perfect fit and it is fully adjustable to accommodate fluctuating edema. This 100% customized device is a superior alternative to the Excel CROW Walker and can accommodate any issue with the lower extremities. Better outcomes are achieved by increased patient compliance.

The Benefits Of IV Therapy

If you have been wondering whether or not IV therapy is the best option for you, it is best to consider these benefits of IV treatment.

1. Guaranteed Vitamin Absorption

Certain pharmaceuticals and medical conditions can interrupt the body’s ability to adequately absorb nutrients required to function correctly. Using IV therapy, it is possible for the vitamins to be quickly and completely absorbed into the bloodstream; thereby, allowing the body to use them immediately.

2. Boosting The Body’s Energy

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, respiratory illness or even a common cold, IV therapy can be beneficial by boosting the immune system and helping you feel energized and refreshed.

3. Instant Rehydration

IV is one of the most effective means of providing the body with optimal hydration to support all vital organ functioning. This can assist in prevention of medical conditions such as kidney stones, damage to the body’s muscles, and constipation.

4. Fast Treatment Times

You will not need to spend a great deal of time waiting for the treatment to be completed when using IV therapy. The majority of IV vitamin therapies can be completed in less than one hour. You can relax and enjoy the therapy is a calm and comfortable setting. If you’re interested in this, check out this med spa in Dallas.

5. Customized Therapy

There are various IV therapies available at the Lifestyle Physicians clinic used to meet a patient’s nutritional requirements, such as the popular Myers cocktail. This custom therapy is perfect if you desire relief from allergies, fatigue or muscles spasms; as well as utilizing essential vitamins such as magnesium, calcium, and vitamins C and B. The therapies are created utilizing your personal treatment goals and nutritional deficiencies.

6. Reduced Reliance On Medication

When using customized IV therapy, it is possible to reduce the use of costly nutritional supplements to be taken several times per day. Dr Asad works in conjunction with you to identify exactly what your body requires and how often you need the therapy.

7. Ideal Preventive Treatment

The IV therapy can be a beneficial step on the road to preventive healthcare. Research has found that doses of vitamin C can be toxic to cancer cells but effective when building a person’s immunity. Regular IV therapy can prevent the development of further chronic medical conditions including migraines and respiratory ailments.

8. Immediate Results

Food can take up to two days to fully be digested by the body. Using IV therapy, you can begin to feel the beneficial effects of the treatment on your body instantaneously. Reports show that within a few hours, people have felt the effects of the nutrients included in IV treatment; therefore, you will have more energy, be able to think more clearly and have an improved mood in a shorter space of time.

9. Best Choice For Athletes

People on the go will typically experience muscle spasms, tired muscles and exhaustion. Utilizing IV therapy, you can replace the lost vitamins and minerals; thereby, improving your overall recovery time after your workouts. These treatments can also ensure adequate hydration following excessive perspiration that accompanies physical exercise sessions.

10. Fighting The Effects Of Toxins

Toxins in the daily environment can affect a person’s health and appearance. The IV treatment provides the body with antioxidants required to prevent premature signs of aging and flush the body of harmful toxins.

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