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Breast Cancer – 2 Key Surgical Options

Women are very much concerned at the extensive nature of breast surgery. In the last few decades surgical efforts have been fine tuned through great efforts. The aim of modern breast surgery is to retain and protect as much of the affected breast and tissue as possible.

In modern days the patient is much more involved is the decision making process regarding the total treatment plan. Through this the patient feels that he has more control over the situation. This attitude is confident building and positive. Such people can execute their plans and decisions.

Many women are frustrated at the prospect of the loss of a breast in surgery. And have not come forward to get the help of the doctor. But early detection of cancer opens up more surgical options available to her.

Each one of cancer is unique and options of treatment should suit it. The type of cancer, its slow or fast movement its predictable qualities, the stage it has reached will be looked into by the doctor. The basic four stages also vary according to the type of cancer. At length it is the patient who has to choose what is best to live for a long time.

The main types of surgery offered are two kinds

Lumpectomy, which removes the lump or tumor and some of the tissue that surrounds to it. This is also called as breast preservation surgery or a partial mastectomy. The amount removed depends on the size of the tumor. You can ask your doctor what to expect and what type of scar is left. Radiation treatment is given as a follow up treatment to eliminate whatever cancer cells remain in the vicinity and body. Treatment will be from five to seven weeks. If chemotherapy is necessary, radiation treatment follows it.

In mastectomy the breast is totally removed through of late it is refined and spares as much of the breast as possible. The range of cancer decides the extent of surgery and if the lymph modes are to be removed. This will also decide if surgery will be followed by radiation treatment or not.

A few women go in for breast reconstruction along with mastectomy which gives help to this radical surgery. Many other wait for months and years. By this wait they gain strength to take necessary decisions involved. It is always better to wait if chemotherapy and radiation are necessary for treatment.

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