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Stair Lift Guide for Older People

Stairs can be challenging to those with mobility problems as they can make it difficult for such people to access rooms and amenities. Therefore, it is a good idea for those with mobility restrictions to consider installing a stair lift to help them access any room in their house without any difficulty. Having said that, here are the major reasons why it is good to have a stair lift in your home:

Provides freedom

People with disabilities and seniors are usually forced to relocate when mobility becomes a challenge. The good news is that they don’t have to relocate due to mobility challenges as a stair lift can enable them to use their house the way they want to without any mobility challenges.

Promotes safety

Stair lifts often enable mechanical transporting up and down staircases. The chair has a safety buckle that ensures that the person using it is fastened in during the movement up and down staircases.

In addition, many stair lifts have built-in safety features that prevent operation in case the device is obstructed by anything on the stairs or in case the footrest, seat or armrests are not properly positioned. A stair lift also comes with a lock switch that helps prevent anyone else from using the chair, especially children.

A stair lift is very comfortable

This is because of the fact that a stair lift armrests and seat are adjustable and padded. Its footrest can also be easily adjusted hence enabling a user to easily adjust it to his or her desired height.

Enables the user to fully access his or her staircase

Most of the stair lifts don’t block access to the rest of the staircase as they have slim profiles. The footrest and the chair usually fold away meaning that it won’t hinder other people who would like to access the stairs.

A stair lift is easy to use

Modern stair lifts can be easily controlled by a toggle found on the armrest. Most of them also have a remote control handset hence enabling its user to call the stair lift from the bottom or top of the stairs when necessary.

A stair lift is also ready to use at any time as it charges when it is in the park position. And the good news is that it can be used even when there is power loss as every stair lift comes with a built-in battery backup system according to this Brook Miller stair lift guide.

Custom ordered

Before installing a stair lift, the installer first evaluates the length and angle of a staircase so that the custom rail that will be ordered will be specifically designed for the stairs and also promote safe access on and off the stair lift depending on the ability to transfer onto the chair.

The transfer can be made safer for a stair lift user by adding additional bends and “parks”. Installing a stair lift is easy and quick and doesn’t need any changes to the interior of a home.

How To Get Better Sleep

1. Get Into A Relaxing Routine Before Bed

One of the best things you can do for yourself, especially if you have trouble sleeping, is to start a healthy and relaxing routine. For example, about 10 minutes before crawling in, dim the lights and do things that typically help you relax. From putting on soothing music to drinking a glass of warm milk, get your body in the “mood” for sleeping.

Krieger also says that it’s about the time you take to unwind your mind and to take a minute and slow down the hectic pace of modern life. So, instead of working towards a breaking point, take 10 or 20 minutes to simply slow down. This will help you have a better quality sleep in your Sleepys mattress.

2. Rid The Room Of Electronics

You might not realize it, but the phone or laptop that’s only a few feet away can actually disrupt your sleeping patterns. For example, if you are expecting a text or email, and you take these gadgets to the bedroom, your mind will not shut down until that message comes through.

As tough as it may sound, keep all electronics in another room while you sleep. You’ll be happy you do it after a couple of days.

3. Keep A Diary

Writing in a diary before going to bed is beneficial in many ways. And while you typically associate it with psychological benefits, the fact that you are writing down the thoughts that keep your mind awake is like telling your mind to relax a little. Everything is written down to handle another day.

You can even use a blank piece of paper that you keep by the nightstand. And if you don’t like writing too much, go for bullet points and only take down the most important worries keeping you up.

4. Don’t Look Down

Everyone knows the phrase, “Don’t look down”, and it’s usually said while climbing great heights. In this case, you don’t want to think about falling asleep, while trying to fall asleep. This will cause you to focus, and focus calls for attention. You can’t sleep when you are paying attention to something.

Instead, let your mind wander and let happy thoughts stick around. Forget about sleeping as you linger on these thoughts and just let them run past like a movie. Of course, this is a technique that can take some time, but once you understand it, you won’t have any problems falling asleep.

5. Stick To A Schedule

The body is connected to an internal clock, referred to as the body’s circadian rhythm. Basically, when the sun comes up, the body feels more energized and ready to work. When it gets dark, the body begins to relax and prepare for sleep.

And just like your body follows a specific clock, you should too. In other words, get a specific time you want to be in bed every night, and get a specific time for waking up. Also, make sure you get at least 7 to 8 hours of solid rest. And yes, even on Saturdays and Sundays, stick to the schedule.

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