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Are You in Search of a Common Treatment that can Cure both Sleep Apnea and Snoring?

It is true that almost 90 percent of persons who suffer from sleep apnea doesn t have even the faintest idea about their disease condition and almost in all cases only the other bed partner will be recognizing the facts and inform the other person about their breathing disorder.

Sleep apnea is a dangerous one as it is capable of resulting in death due to stroke or heart attack and hence it is important that the snoring person should get the reason for snoring diagnosed immediately and takes appropriate treatment.

All snoring need not necessarily indicate sleep apnea and a normal snorer may make loud noises where as the person with sleep apnea will tend to snore and he/she may also experience stoppage in their breathing momentarily and these persons will wake up with bated breathing and fall back to sleep again without being conscious about it.

Understanding Sleep Apnea with its Snoring Symptoms

The snoring pattern in a person who suffers from sleep apnea will be different and marked than that of any other normal snoring. Persons who suffer from sleep apnea will experience regular stoppage of breathing during their sleep, and they will wake up with gasping or with a bated breath. Due to stoppage of breathing for a momentary period, the person will tend to breathe stronger to fill the lungs with air and this will result in a louder snoring.

Though the persons with sleep apnea may sleep the whole night, they will feel drowsy in the morning and normally wake up with headache. They may also get sore throat and dry mouth feeling besides memory loss and learning difficulties.

Sleep apnea is categorized into three types and they are obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, and mixed sleep apnea. Though you need note relate all snoring to sleep apnea when it comes to treating, the methods may be same or similar for treating both snoring and sleep apnea.
From time immemorial snoring as a problem is known to mankind and snoring may indicate other underlying medical conditions such as sleep apnea.

During sleep, the breathed in air will vibrate the soft palate tissues and this vibration is heard as snoring outside. There are many methods of treatment for curing snoring and the techniques include change in behaviour or lifestyle changes, weight reduction, using few specific dental devices, medication, use of nasal strips and even surgical intervention. With the advent of many scientific and advanced nano technology, treating snoring and sleep apnea has become easy today.

Out of the various reasons, alcohol consumption or use of sedatives is also said to be instrumental in triggering snoring and hence it is advised that you can avoid consuming alcohol and preferably before going to bed. Further, efforts to reduce your body weight, use of nasal CPAP can also help you to avoid snoring during your sleep.

With regard to surgical intervention few techniques such as diathermy palatal reduction, or surgical straightening of the septum, or removal of tonsils and/or enlarged adenoids is also very effective in treating both sleep apnea and snoring in a person. A recent addition to the treatment method is the snoreplasty in which sclerosing agents will be administered into the palate area of the snoring person and this will help the person to stop snoring.

When it comes to finding an effective treatment for snoring and sleep apnea, then there may not be any one single treatment but you can try more than one treatment in a combination and you are sure to get relieved from your snoring habit and sleep apnea problem.