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Are You Aware that Snoring in Women is becoming more Common these Days?

Many women refuse to accept the fact that snoring is becoming common among women, but a recent survey conducted reveals that around 20 percent of the interviewed women admitted their snoring. Today, snoring is no more the men s problem and it is slowly catching up with women too for various reasons.

Snoring is one of the widely discussed and researched subjects, as snoring is an indication of some underlying health related issue such as obstructive sleep apnea. Persons afflicted with sleep apnea will have their throat airway blocked and hence the additional pressure exerted to breathe normally will result in snoring.

Further, these persons during their sleep will have their breathing stopped momentarily and this will make them to wake up and take few deep breathing to compensate the oxygen loss and they will fall asleep again without even being conscious about their acts.

This cycle will get repeated for many times in a single night and the person will be robbed of a peaceful sleep and the chances of getting strokes or heart attacks are also bright for such persons. When it comes to sleep apnea, both men and women doesn t make any difference and both are equally susceptible to get afflicted.

In one of the voluntary study conducted with 7000 women in an age group of 20 to 70 years, it was found that snoring is widespread in all age groups and specifically the concentration of snoring women was more in the above 50 age group who have got a higher body mass index.

Studying Snoring Patterns in Women is Important for Women s Health

Snoring is an outcome of vibration of the soft palate tissues present on the upper portion of throat. The overly relaxed soft palate tissues will tend to fall back into the throat area thus blocking a free airway.

Hence the woman with a blocked airway will struggle to breathe normally and in the process the palate tissues will vibrate and produce snoring. Further, the woman will also wake up at frequent intervals to catch up with the lost breathing and in the process lose the peaceful sleep. It is normal for any woman who loses a peaceful sleep in the night to become irritated and feel daytime drowsiness and lack in concentration.

A snoring person, irrespective of gender, should get the reasons for snoring properly diagnosed through a medical professional or at least in a sleep center and then take necessary treatments for stopping snoring.

Snoring by itself is not an ailment, but may be an indication of other possible health issues and hence it is necessary for the snoring woman to get her snoring diagnosed properly. Further, women with a higher body mass index tend to snore more than their lesser weighing counterparts, and women with diabetes are commonly found to be afflicted with sleep apnea too.

With women overtaking men in all areas, probably in another one or two decades the percentage of snoring women will overtake the men s percentage and for women it is a case for concern and not the case for jubilation.

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