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Hidradenitis Suppurativa – An All Natural Treatment

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a skin disease which is not contagious. However if left untreated it can prove to be very painful. Hidradenitis suppurativa tends to grow in those areas of our body which have sweat glands and rub together for instance armpits, groin, buttocks, inner thigh and under breasts. Hidradenitis suppurativa is also commonly known as acne inversa.

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Hidradenitis suppurativa are lumps which can form under your skin. They can be as small as a pea or can grow in size as big as a golf ball. They are filled with pus and they can spread quickly. At times they are connected to each other through small tunnels under the skin. It usually affects people during puberty and if left untreated can get worse with time. As they are formed in areas of your body which can rub against each other there is a risk of the lumps breaking and leaking pus.

What are symptoms of Hidradenitis suppurativa?

Hidradenitis suppurativa in its initial stages look like pimples or even as small as blackheads. Most people affected by Hidradenitis suppurativa tend to ignore it in the beginning hoping that it will go away on its own. However constant rubbing together against the skin worsens this skin condition. It is quite easy to identify Hidradenitis suppurativa once it reddens and develops pus. Hidradenitis suppurativa is formed when hair follicles are blocked. Stress and hormonal changes are known reasons for Hidradenitis suppurativa.

Can Hidradenitis suppurativa heal through natural treatment?

It is best to meet a skin doctor as soon as Hidradenitis suppurativa develops in any area of your body. Following a wait and watch policy could only make things worse. There have been cases of Hidradenitis suppurativa leading to skin cancer. Hence it needs to be treated in initial stages to ensure fast recovery. Doctors usually prescribe antibiotics and Corticosteroids. They would also suggest surgery to remove it and uncover the tunnels which connect Hidradenitis suppurativa to each other.
There are number of natural treatments for Hidradenitis suppurativa some of which are:

Hygiene – Proper hygiene is the first step in dealing with Hidradenitis suppurativa. Wash the affected area with anti-bacterial soap and keep it dry.

Turmeric – Turmeric is one of the most popular and effective natural treatment for Hidradenitis suppurativa. Turmeric powder mixed with black pepper and coconut oil will form a mixture which can be added to broth, soup or water and consumed. Drink this mixture thrice daily and continue until you notice results.

Omega oils and budrock root are also known natural treatments for Hidradenitis suppurativa.

T cell therapy – T cells are responsible for healing in our body. You can find pills with herbs which will help you get rid of Hidradenitis suppurativa. This treatment has worked for many people.

Hidradenitis suppurativa can be painful and cause a lot of distress. However with the natural treatments mentioned above you can enjoy a speedy recovery. If you have any questions about Hidradenitis suppurativa. Please feel free to ask us, we are here to help you beat Hidradenitis suppurativa.

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How to Remove Kidney Stone Naturally & Safely

Kidneys help purify blood and discharge impurities through urine. Kidney stones are formed when urine is concentrated leading to crystallization and the minerals in urine to fuse together. Kidney stones are formed over time as they gradually grow in size and obstruct the ureter. Most kidney stones are small and are usually passed through the urine stream. However those that grow to a significant size which is usually more than 4 millimeters, can cause a lot of pain. These stones can form in any part of the urinary system from the bladder to kidney. Case studies show that men seem to be more susceptible to kidney stones. Let’s learn more about these stones of pain.

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What are Kidney stones?

Kidney stones are nothing but a crystallized form of minerals which are passed regularly through the urine. At times when urine is saturated with minerals for various reasons these fail to flush completely through the system. They accumulate over time and solidify so kidney stones are nothing but minerals in solid form.

What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

As mentioned earlier small kidney stones are flushed through the system at times without even being noticed. It’s the ones which grow in size over time that cause the most pain and discomfort. When they obstruct the ureter they cause expansion and contraction of the renal as well as spasm of the ureter. This causes typical symptoms associated with kidney stones.

(•) Pain that begins right under your ribs and spreads all the way down your stomach to your groin and back
(•) Pain seems to strike in waves and in different intensity over a period of time
(•) Pain while passing urine and blood or pus in urine
(•) Vomiting and Nausea
(•) Loss of appetite due to pain
(•) In case of an infection the patient would also suffer from fever and chills

Most doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines which help control pain. They adopt the wait and watch policy hoping for the stone to be passed through urine. If this fails they perform surgery or use ultrasound to remove the stone.

Is there a natural and safe way to get rid of kidney stones?

Yes, there is a natural and safe way to pass kidney stones and it has proven to be effective for years before advance in medical science led to surgery as an option.

To begin with cut down on soda and processed foods. Consume more green food like vegetables and fruits. Consume an increasing amount of lemon juice every day. The acid in lemons help in dissolving the kidney stones and once it gets smaller it can easily be passed through urine.

Drink plenty of water every day.

Apple cider vinegar is also an effective natural remedy for kidney stones. Consume 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar daily.
Diuretic tea as well as some special type of tea found in the market helps to flush out kidney stones through urine.

Dandelion root and kidney beans boiled in water are an effective home remedy for kidney stones.

Cranberry as well as pomegranate juice help dissolve kidney stones naturally and they taste good too. So you have more reason to consume them.

Remember to drink a lot of water, consume green vegetables as well as the beverages mentioned above. This will help dissolve the kidney stone gradually and save you a lot of money by avoiding surgery.

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