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American Society on Aging

In America they have formed a society called The American Society on Aging which consists of members who help to improve the quality of lives of seniors and their family members. These members of ASA are professionals who enhance the aged physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually as well their economic state of lives.

The members of ASA comprises of people from all fields like education, administration, policy decision makers, researchers, doctors, students and also the business people. The staff of the association is from the non-profit sector. The board of directors constitutes the skilled professionals who relate to different topics of ageing.

Awareness And Educational Programs

The main aim of the society is to provide educational program, current news regarding aging, plenty of publications and also numerous training courses. They have a huge group of professionals located at many places who focus on ageing. This society whole heartedly shares all information regarding aging and loves to assist anyone who needs help in this topic. Some of their services are to impart educational conferences and many training opportunities for people who show interest towards the aging population.

Regional educational training programs are conducted by the ASA to bring awareness and boost the skills of the members. These members take part in various sections in the field of aging. It may also be of good help to those who provide services to the senior citizens as they learn fresh ideas and techniques as well as new information regarding the aging population. These programs can have a multi-dimensional goal to help the aged.

Popular Publications

At present, there are many publications published on the topic of aging by the American Society on Aging. Aging Today is published bi-monthly and provides interesting information vis–vis on aging and the problems faced by this sector of the population. An academic periodical is published every quarter with the name Generations. There is a lot of information available on the internet, under the name ASA Connection that deals with different issues of aging.

The DVT: Building for Prevention is a division of educational series got healthy aging. The main aim here is to educate and bring awareness to the common man about issue of deep vein thrombosis. The Attitudes and Awareness of Brain Health is a public opinion poll conducted on a national scale by the American Society on Aging. ASA is a data bank that offers all information regarding aging and also about adult civic engagement. To concise, American Society on Aging is the best option or source to obtain any facts in the field of aging.

Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer – A Controversy?

Discussions over the prevention of skin cancer focus on the use of tanning bed or booths that use ultra violet radiation to produce a cosmetic tan. These beds use specific fluorescent lamps to omit ultra violet rays similar to suns rays. Excess use of this duct makes people vulnerable to skin cancer. A certain amount of sunlight is absolutely essential for the skin to keep itself and the body healthy and cheerful. The body is able to produce vitamins through sunshine. This vitamin is a must for regulating certain processes in our body to safeguard normal growth and health.

Earlier, people were not concerned about sun bathing and tanning despite the danger of over exposure and the risk of skin cancer. At present, environmental pollution and depletion of ozone layer have increased the risk of skin cancer, more than our exposure to UV rays of the sun or tanning beds. According to statistic skin cancer has become one of the fastest growing cancers. No doubt, ultra violet rays are used by skin specialists to treat eczema and psoriasis; they are vigorously used for cosmetic purposes. Young women are found to use tanning saloons more than young men. As such skin cancer is found more with the young women.

Tanning beds make use of light rays that combine UVA and UVB wave lengths. It is not the use of the lights or exposure but the excess use of this that is dangerous for health and skin. People feel that if basically good anything is right.The WHO has banned tanning beds for people under 18 because much damage can be done to the young skin now and later in life and youngsters cannot exercise their judgment properly in regulating the use. France and California have already adapted this law.

The incidence of skin cancer does not depend upon the will or decision of the person in using or not using the tanning bed or over exposure to UV rays. Over exposure definitely affects the individual and skin cancer is inevitable, as opportunity is available through out the year for our exposure.If a person is not affected it does not mean that the other will be unaffected with skin cancer. Each persons genetic make up is unique. We should be cautious about the exposure we have with sunlight as well as a tanning salon. Dont believe in the promises of others who are selfish and want to sell you on it.Take your own time to analyze the reasons and examine them against any risks so that you will arrive at the best balance for your good health.


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