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A Membership in Women’s Health Organization can Steer You to Better Health

Women are considered to be building pillars of our society and there cannot be any second opinion to this. Despite their importance in any society, many women still do not get the required attention they deserve and many of them still fail to realize that they are capable of achieving what their minds are set to.

Throughout the world, various women’s health organizations have made enormous efforts to educate and bring in awareness amongst women for increasing their living standards and for improving their overall health.

Being Aware

The very first step of achieving the goal of good health lies in your getting the knowledge about your body system and when it comes to knowing more about your body, the various women’s health organizations play a vital role in inculcating the necessary knowledge to the aspiring women. The education also helps you to know about your various bodily functions and its related reactions and you can make use of such knowledge for understanding your body thoroughly.

In one of the recent studies carried by a popular women’s health organization, the casual habit of women ignoring their regular warning symptoms came to light. The study further revealed that women tend to ignore few of their regular potentially dangerous symptoms such as menstrual pain, lumps in breast, their breasts becoming tender before monthly menstrual cycle, etc. The women’s health organization also brought out an educative series, which deals with such symptoms, and recommends women not to consider such early symptoms as normal and are associated with age.

Adopting to Self-improvement

When it comes to women’s health, it is you who can have an effective control over your mind and body and nobody else can influence a better health. Unless you learn to recognize your minor discomforts and make your mind to discuss the matter with your doctor, you cannot make a road to your improved health.

There are many women’s health organizations all through the entire globe that can assist you in understanding your body and the symptoms and can make you to lead a happy and a healthy life.

Again, as a first step alone can start a long journey, you should make your mind to speak out and learn to understand things before it is too late. You may even come across cases where in women reaching an untreatable stage due to their sheer ignorance and failure to identify their earlier symptoms such as nodules in breast, etc., where as the situation could have been cured had they have had their regular check-ups.

Useful Tips

The key to a good successful health depends on your knowledge and the level of information you gather around and in your ability to correctly understand them. You should have in inquisitive mind and develop a keen eye for not to miss any of the abnormal symptoms and for taking corrective and timely medical treatment.

As a responsible woman and a mother, you should also educate your children and your neighbors as how to improve one’s health. Never delay your decision of joining a women’s health organization and you can start your journey to your good health today itself.

Diseases of the Ovary

The Ovary

The two ovaries are the fundamental heart of the female sexual system, and are located in the lower abdomen, one on each side of the uterus. They are the source of the menstrual cycle before the menopause and lose this function after the change of life, but remain as a frequent source of both large and small growths within the abdomen.

The normal ovaries are too small to feel, but when enlarged, they can range from apple-size to watermelon-size. Sometimes they are hard and sometimes cystic, like water-filled balloons and frequently tax the physician heavily for correct identification. Occasionally ovarian growths give clues to their identity through their hormonal influences. For instances, one specific tumor of the ovary produces a masculine hormone which produces in women, a growth of beard, deepening of the voice, and hair growth on the chest. Another growth of the ovary has a feminizing influence, and occasionally will restart the menstrual period long after the menopause.

Statistics show that after the menopause about fifteen women in every thousand will develop an ovarian tumor, and nearly three-fourths of these will be cancer. It is well to remember that

Tube enlarged
Ovary normal
Ovary uterus

Fig. 96. The uterus and ovaries are the machinery of the female reproductive systems. In them, however, minor or major diseases can arise and sometimes require hospital care.

a mass low in the abdomen is difficult sometimes even for the physician to identify, and very often the exact character of such a tumor cannot be determined until seen at operation, and studied under the microscope. Because of the serious possibilities with ovarian growths, the physician frequently advises their operative removal.

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